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RiverSimple Use Case Story
RiverSimple EV Electric Vehicle Logo

Riversimple   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles / United Kingdom


About: Riversimple manufacture hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The company aims to offer customers the first affordable, hassle free, fun-to-drive eco car 

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to log data from the ECUs of our vehicle control system. The aim was to check vehicle and fuel-cell performance - and for post test-drive investigation of any faults. Our toolchain for ECU software development required a laptop to be connected to the CAN network. The toolset licensing tied up a laptop and thus a development seat during all test driving

Electric Car Hydrogen Fuel Cell Data

HOW did you solve it?
We connected the CLX000 to the car to read powertrain control data directly from the CAN bus. The uploaded data was parsed by an in-house tool (using CAN DBC files) and could be viewed for later analysis by various 3rd party tools

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 allows us to speed up our software development by releasing a laptop 

“The CLX000 is very easy to use with minimal need for configuration. For the cost, it is unbeatable!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
It is very simple to use and set up, it is very small, the logged data is easy to post-process and it is very competitively priced. Further, the live streaming is great for checking system operations before the car goes out for testing - and the support for CAN DBC files makes the downstream analysis much easier

   — Douglas Ponsford, Senior Systems Architect at Riversimple

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CANvas Software | CL2000  

IdRobotica User Story
IdRobotica Logo Use Case

Idrobotica   Submarine ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) / Switzerland


About: Idrobotica is the world leader in the design and manufacture of ROV Systems - with focus on solutions dedicated to defense, science and institutional organizations

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We produce ROVs with LiPo battery management systems (BMS) inside, sending a lot of info via CAN. We wanted to gather all the data, but only a small part could be sent via our remote console due to byte limitations on the serial line between the vehicle and remote console 

HOW did you solve it?
We sent only the most vital info via the console, while we connected a CL1000 in the vehicle to ensure we had all data logged. Once the ROV returned from underwater activities, data could be analyzed ex post from the CL1000’s SD card

LiPo Battery Pack Data Submarine

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CL1000 helped us truly understand the behavior of the LiPo batteries by getting insight on all the data from the BMS (which had no storage system itself). In particular, we had data available in case any strange behavior occurred, allowing for swift resolution

“The CL1000 is a powerful stand-alone CAN logger and an easily configurable system”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Because it was small, stand-alone - and it cost less than others

   — Emanuele Musazzi, Senior Software Engineer at Idrobotica

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL1000  

Vehicle Prototype CAN Bus Data Logging
DOMTEKNIKA Logo User Case Study

Domteknika   Engineering Company / Switzerland


About: DOMTEKNIKA is an engineering company with expertise in fields including plastics, mechanics, hydraulics or electronics across sectors green tech, appliances and medical

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to analyse the circuit behavior of a prototype car. However, using a CAN interface tool with a PC was not practical as the cars went through heavy stress testing and were used by various people

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000 to record log file data. Further, we developed a small custom script to analyze and display the log file data together with recorded video. With this we could quickly diagnose the issue by linking mechanical events to the electrical ones

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 is truly plug and play and it simply works every time it is plugged into the car - with no usage mistakes. The raw CAN data provides the basis for many use cases

Prototype Vehicle Field Test Data Logger

“The CLX000 is a very fast solution for diagnosing failures - making it a powerful device”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
The CLX000 was very affordable, allowed automatic logging and had a small size

   — Adrien Hoffet , Head of Electronics at DOMTEKNIKA

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Forestry Machinery Albach Diamant Data J1939
Albach Logo User Story

Albach Maschinenbau   Self Propelled Mobile Tree Fellers / ~100 FTEs / Germany


About: Albach specialize in self propelled mobile machinery, in particular within hacking and complex special constructions. Recently, focus has been on mobile felling cranes

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to conduct long term analysis to optimize a Driving System for one of our mobile working machines

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CL2000 to record messages to the SD card, extract them and convert them to .CSV. After this, we analysed the data using special software

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 has provided us with a cheap tool with huge possibilities - and a simple way to get the data we need for optimizing our systems

“The CLX000 works really well and we’ve had no problems”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
We decided on the CLX000 since it’s a plug-and-play solution, it’s got a small size and it’s easy to use

   — Stefan Hierlmeier, responsible for control technology at Albach Maschinenbau

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

Albach Forest Chipper Machine Data J1939 Forester Data

J1939 Heavy Duty Data Use Case
FFWS Logo Use Case Study

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences   University / Prague


About: FFWS provides forestry education systems to encourage and support rational forest management and sustainable utilization of the natural resources

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to record raw data from forestry machines to estimate their productivity. In some cases, this involved reverse engineering the relevant data from the CAN bus

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000 in two ways: For reverse engineering relevant data using the Wireshark plugin functionality - and for collecting all relevant data onto the SD card of the CLX000

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 has truly moved our possibilities further - at a price that was manageable within the project budget. As such, we already have new research ideas that may lead us to purchasing more CLX000 units

"Thank you for making an awesome device at an unbeatable price!"

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
The combination of real-time streaming via Wireshark and data logging to an SD card is a perfect match for our needs - at an unbeatable price

   — Andrew Nuhlicek, Assistant / Ph.D. student at FFWS

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

SAE J1939 Forestry Machinery

ProAll Mixer Truck Diagnostics Prototype
ProAll Logo Use Case

ProAll   Concrete Mixer Trucks & Solutions / 100+ FTEs / Canada


About: ProAll Reimer Mixers create specialized solutions for quality, cost-effective on-site mixing on truck, trailer or static-mounted units across 50 countries for 50+ years

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We had two challenges:

1) We prototyped a new load cell concept on our mobile cement bins and wanted to do road tests (rough braking, shocks etc.) to see peak cell loads  

2) We tested a new electric actuator (CAN bus) on a prototype machine, which was causing odd behaviour in our CAN input devices (keypad and rotary encoder)

HOW did you solve it?
1) The load cell module was CAN bus, so we simply connected the CLX000, set up the data stream and quickly determined that the load cells were more than capable 

2) For the strange actuator behaviour, we logged the J1939 data during the events to find that the keypad manufacturer’s firmware did not properly filter out certain messages, instead interpreting them as commands - causing the random behavior. We logged 1 mn+ lines of data to identify the patterns - and using this, the manufacturer could update their FW

What BENEFIT has this led to?
We could quickly verify potential/real issues in our prototype - and solve them. Without the CAN logger we would have needed extensive programming and time

“The CL2000 is very easy to setup, the software is intuitive and the *.DBC feature is nice - highly recommend it!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
It was recommended by a supplier of ours and we really needed something easy to use, yet powerful enough to be able to capture and organize CAN data quickly and seamlessly

   — Curtis Steele, Manager, Product Development at ProAll

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

J1939 Data Logger Dump Truck Mining
Quality Systems User Application

Quality Systems & Controls   Control System Integrator / USA


About: QSC creates customized electric, hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for mobile controller, sensor and industrial systems - e.g. within mining and agriculture

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to resolve an intermittent hydraulic failure causing expensive downtime for a mining dump truck - this required isolation and diagnosis

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CL2000 to record sensor data over several months on our customer’s equipment at a remote mining site. Specifically, the customer fed several analog signals to a QSC unit, which would digitize the signals and transmit them via J1939 to the CL2000’s SD card.

What BENEFIT has this led to?
After several weeks the hydraulic failure occurred again - and with the CL2000 we managed this time to capture the data for analysis!

Dump Truck J1939 Data diagnostics

“My overall experience with CSS was outstanding!
Thank you for selling an excellent product!”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?

  • The excellent data manual clearly describes the interfaces & toolset
  • The SD card was well-suited for the extremely remote environment (a radio would be best, but far too expensive)
  • Reasonable cost, ruggedness - and compact size, yet large memory
  • Great support from CSS on technical questions

   — Andy Pagones , Electrical Systems Engineering Manager at QSC

Learn more:  CSS Electronics |  CL2000 |  J1939 Data Logger  

J1939 Engine Data Vehicle Machine

Precision Governors   Control Systems Manufacturer / USA


About: PG provides engineered control solutions to industrial markets including Marine, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Agriculture, Construction and Industrial

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to log data from a mobile test vehicle during R&D to analyse various controllers (temperatures, currents, voltages, interactions) - the purpose was to design our control systems optimally vs. the vehicle requirements. The simplest way was to log the existing CAN based sensor data from the controllers

HOW did you solve it?
We started by developing an in-house CAN-to-SD logger. However, we quickly found that the CL1000 was both smaller, more portable and worked. We’ve used it for years now. We simply plug it in, log the data, extract it - and handle the J1939 data in Python

What BENEFIT has this led to?
It’s easy for us to get a complete log of data of everything going on on the CAN bus - allowing us to show customers data from when they’ve operated the vehicle

“These seem to be the ONLY affordable CAN loggers on the market

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
At the time, it was the only option on the market - and we stopped looking since. Other CAN logger suppliers said we were “not a good fit for their products” when we asked why we had to pay $4,000 for a high end J1939 logging system

   — Chad Clendening , Sr. Project Engineer at Precision Governors

Learn more:   CSS Electronics |  CL2000  

BorgWarner Use Case Story Vehicle Development
BorgWarner Logo Use Example

BorgWarner   PowerTrain Products / ~27,000 FTEs / ~10 bn$ Revenue / USA


About: BorgWarner is a global automotive components supplier, primarily known for its powertrain products incl. transmissions, clutches & turbochargers across 60 facilities

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We added a complex module to the CAN bus of a project car. To ensure proper operation, we needed to verify that the module was communicating correctly with the car

HOW did you solve it?
We attached the CL2000 first to the module separately, then the car separately - and then the combination of the two. By studying the 3 data streams, we confirmed that everything worked correctly 

What BENEFIT has this led to?
I’m a novice in CAN bus, but I managed to quickly learn using the CL2000 CAN analyzer and secure that our model worked as intended

Vehicle ECU Data Prototype

“The CL2000 has been a great device for us! Most importantly, the tech support was outstanding!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
The CL2000 has a good combination of price and features. A real-time clock and live streaming were must haves, while OBD2 requesting was also useful

   — Brock Fraser, Executive Director, Innovation and Investments at BorgWarner

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | Wireshark Streaming | CL2000 | OBD2 Logger

Car Data Boost Performance Logger
Aeristech User Study Example

Aeristech   Automotive Equipment Manufacturer / United Kingdom


About: Aeristech develops electric air compressors for the automotive and other industries. Its products include electric superchargers and air compressors for hydrogen fuel cells

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We make devices for installation in vehicle powertrains to improve their operation. To analyse performance we wanted to log CAN data during road driving.

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000 to record speed, RPM, manifold pressure etc. during road driving with/without our device turned on. Further, we developed a GPS-to-CAN module that allowed us to also record the exact position data with the CLX000

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 provided a very easy and low-cost method for showcasing the performance of our device and evaluating the operation in detail, allowing us to make improvements

“The CLX000 is very compact, cost-effective, reliable and easy to use”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Mainly because it was much cheaper and simpler than similar devices (e.g. Vector)

   — Dr. Martin Palmer , Senior Electronics Engineer at Aeristech

Aeristech CAN Logger OBD2 Data RPM Speed MAF

Above chart shows the impact of adding the Aeristech boost to the vehicle's performance, while the below Google map plot shows the GPS position with a vehicle speed colorization legend

GPS Data Google Maps OBD2 Logger CAN Bus

Learn more:   CSS Electronics |  OBD2 Data Logger |  CL2000  

Toyota Vehicle Study Car
Toyota Logo Use Case Study

Toyota Motor   Car Manufacturer / ~350,000 FTEs / North America R&D


About: Toyota Motor is the World’s largest car manufacturer with revenues of ~250 bnUSD. Based in Japan, Toyota sold 10,000,000 vehicles globally in 2017

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We were trying to understand the standard use of a work vehicle to ensure it was designed properly for customer usage. In particular, we needed to collect the data with a method where the driver didn’t have to do anything

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000 to log data to the internal SD card, which allowed us to post analyse the data and quickly verify that our product was designed properly

What BENEFIT has this led to?
We managed to save time and quickly move forward with our project

Toyota Vehicle Data CAN Logger OBD2

“The CLX000 is low cost and easy to use - and enables data logging without driver interaction with the logger”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Based on online information, it was a good match to our case - and very low cost!

   — Rob MacArthur , Engineer, Electrified Vehicle Control, Toyota North America R&D

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

TorqAmp Use Case Study
SRM Solutions TorqAmp Logo

SRM Solutions (TorqAmp)   Combustion Technology / Netherlands


About: SRM are developing the TorqAmp, an electric driven centrifugal compressor for the aftermarket automotive, also called an “electric turbo” (for boosting a combustion engine)

What PROBLEM did you solve?
During testing we wanted to gather a lot of data, e.g. the temperature sensors, boost time, current flow, etc - CAN bus is a nice way to communicate these data, add extra sensors (e.g. pressure, GPS) or show values on a screen

HOW did you solve it?
During test drives we always connected the CL2000 to easily debug when a problem occurred. We knew when a problem occurred - and based on sensor data, we knew exactly where to look and how to solve the problems

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The major benefit is plug-and-play data logging and easy data evaluation via our data analyzing tool. An important aspect of our product is that the temperature is kept within limits - and connecting multiple temperature sensors was key in designing the product

“The CL2000 is a great plug'n'play product for easy data logging!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
We chose the CL2000 because of the integrated real time clock (RTC) - for temperature measurements it's great to know the date and time so we can look back what the atmospheric temperature was for proper data evaluation. The CL3000 was not yet released, otherwise we would probably have bought it for the nice WiFi benefit

EV Battery Temperature Data Logger Graph Battery Data CAN Bus

   — Daniël Hilgersom, CTO at SRM Solutions B.V. (TorqAmp)

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

Reverse Engineering OBD2 Use Case
Quadrar Use Case Study

Quadrar Tecnologia   IoT & M2M Manufacturer / Brazil


About: Tecnologia is a project and engineering company, specialized in the development of electronic products and embedded software with focus on M2M / IoT

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We used the CLX000 to read OBD2 data and to “sniff” proprietary data (not directly accessible from the OBD standard). The car makers in Brazil have to follow the SAE standard for basic items related to pollution - the rest we have to discover ourselves.

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000’s streaming functionality and Wireshark to stream OBD data and trying to identify the meaning - a tough task! We used the data for predictive maintenance applications, e.g. identifying soon-to-be exhausted batteries

Reverse Engineering Proprietary OBD2 Parameters
Voltage vs RPM Car Battery Predictive Maintenance

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 is the most practical tool we have for this purpose and it has helped provide us with a much better understanding of the codes we could read

"The CLX000 has been the most practical and useful tool amongst similar devices we've tried so far"

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
We tried other brands, but they didn’t help us much vs. the CLX000

   — Marco Vettori, Owner of Quadrar Tecnologia

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

Campus Motorsport Use Case
Campus Motorsport Logo Story

Campus Motorsport   Motorsports / Student Team / Germany


About: The Campus Motorsports team was founded in 2007. The teams face the challenge of designing a competitive race car every year for Formula Student competitions

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We had many sensors (acceleration, temperature, angles, ...) connected to the CAN bus - and we needed data on all of it

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000 to gather the data for analysis, simulation and development of our Formula Student race car

What BENEFIT has this led to?
We were able to use the data we collected to analyze driving behaviour. Also we managed to search for problems (e.g. power losses, suspension behavior, etc.) and identify the causes

Campus Motorsport Student Team Use Case

“The easy commissioning and operability characterize your data logger. It’s plug and play!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Your system is the only on the market that meets our requirements. The transfer rate, flexibility and ease of use in combination with the compact design can not be found anywhere else

   — Simon Kupfer, Head of Electrical Engineering at Campus Motorsport

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

Technion Formula Use Case
Technion Student Team University Logo

Formula Technion 2017   Motorsports / Student Team / Israel


About: Formula Technion 2017 is a student race team from Israel Institute of Technology - the team took their formula car for races in Formula Student AU (FSA) and DE (FSG)

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed data from all the sensors in our car. These were connected to an automotive controller (M220 by Pi Innovo), outputting readings to the CAN bus - incl. e.g. suspension potentiometers, steering rack sensors and hall effect encoders. The engine control unit (ECU) and power distribution module (PDM) were also connected

HOW did you solve it?
We connected the CL2000 to log data during test drives and the 2017 season

Formula Race Car Data CAN Bus

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The great amount of data from test drives allowed us to validate our dynamic models and the car’s performance. This allowed us to design a real-time control system for the car (an active anti-roll bar this year)

“The CL2000 is a great piece of hardware!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
It is reliable, easy to configure, very light and has plenty of storage capacity

   — Ben Levenzon, Dynamics Team Leader at Formula Technion

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

Tribine Harvester Data Field Test Farming
Tribine Logo Use Case Study

Tribine Industries   Agricultural Equipment / USA


About: Tribine innovates in the design and engineering of harvesting systems, from the cleaning systems to the farmer’s cab experience - recently with the released T1000 Harvester

What PROBLEM did you solve?
I was looking for a cost-effective and easily available device to log input and output data for developing a harvesting machine. Other options which I had worked with in the past had long lead times, high cost, and expensive restricted licenses

HOW did you solve it?
We installed a CL2000 in each of our development machines for the entire harvest season. The CL2000 allowed me to diagnose countless deficiencies in both mechanical and electronic systems by letting me see real time data and the relations between inputs, commands and responses. Most importantly, it was easily used in the field with minimal setup and without requiring a dedicated computer

Tribine Harvester Log File Data J1939

"The CL2000 can be left in the machine all of the time - and the price lets us buy enough units to truly utilize this ability"

What BENEFIT has this led to?
As a startup, the low cost and free licenses allowed us to purchase and use more than one device so we can monitor more machines across multiple locations simultaneously. With other devices on the market, we would be limited to a single logging tool. Further, logging the CAN bus all of the time allows us to more effectively diagnose problems and deficiencies almost instantly without guesswork

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Simplicity and cost were the main driving factors to purchase this device

   — Greg Leck, Electronics Design Engineer at Tribine

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL2000  

SunSource User Application
SunSource Logo

SunSource   Fluid Power Distribution / 150,000 Products / USA


About: SunSource designs and distributes fluid power and motion control technologies. Key industries incl. oil & gas, infrastructure, agriculture, mining, forestry, and energy

What PROBLEM did you solve?
One of our OEM customers had been complaining about performance issues in one of their machines (a drainage plow)

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CL2000 CAN logger to trace machine system & engine data to review performance and identify the anomalies causing the complaints

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CL2000 is a very cost effective tool. Instead of sending out a technician in the field with added airfare and accommodation, we could resolve the issue remotely. It gives our company an added resource item to achieve our daily commitment to assist and provide technical support for our customers

Agricultural Equipment Data J1939

“Never used a tool like this before
- the support was exceptional!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
We chose the CAN logger CL2000 as it was cost effective, very compact and easy to install in our system

   — Jason Le, Technical Specialist at SunSource

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | Predictive Maintenance Solutions | CL2000  

Xcerra Corporation Case Study Diagnose Machinery
Xcerra Logo

Xcerra Corporation   Semiconductor Testing / ~1700 FTEs / USA


About: Xcerra provides test & handling equipment, interface products and test fixtures for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries globally

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to solve machine operational issues, which occurred rarely - e.g. only once per month

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CL2000 as a “ring buffer”: If an error situation occurred, we’d analyze the log file to see what went wrong

What BENEFIT has this led to?
With the CL2000 it’s been easy to detect sporadic errors, which helps us to further optimize our machines

“The CL2000 is a perfect tool for machine diagnostics!”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
The CL2000 is a great tool for finding sporadic errors:

  • It’s small and needs no external power supply
  • It’s got a ring memory and a listen-only mode
  • It’s inexpensive

    — Philip Overfeld, Senior Design Engineer at Xcerra

Xcerra Production Equipment CAN Bus Data

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | Predictive Maintenance Solutions | CL2000  

J1939 Data Hydraulic Fracturing
CSIRO Energy Logo

CSIRO Energy   Federal Gov Agency / ~5,500 FTEs / Australia


About: CSIRO is an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research, aiming to improve the social & economic performance of the industry

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We’re needed to develop a real-time CAN data streaming system to be shown on a customized interface display (SAE J1939 protocol). This will allow hydraulic fracturing field operators to get quick feedback on the operation of field equipment and maintenance needs

HOW did you solve it?
We developed a custom program and used the CL3000 to verify correct reception and conversion of the CAN bus data

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CL3000 provided us with a convenient way to verify the correct operation of our program

Oil Gas Energy Hydraulic Fracturing J1939 Data

“The added features of the CL3000 were extremely useful in helping us develop our application”

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
The additional features of the CL3000 (WiFi, auto-pushing to an FTP server, RTC) were very useful in developing our application - they definitely made life easier!

   — Sam Cantrill, Research Assistant at Hydraulic Fracturing Team, CSIRO Energy

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL3000 |  J1939 Data Logger  

DDR Marine Engineering Use Case
DDR User Story CAN Bus

DDR Marine Projects & Engineering   Engineering Services / Netherlands


About: As an independent entrepreneur, Daan de Roos focuses on technical aspects of the propulsion installations of all types of (commercial) ships, work boats and yachts

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We needed to build a test stand for maintenance and power testing of machine and boat engines, in particular Volvo Penta EVC controlled engines. A requirement was to add a simple start, stop & (de-)accelerate system for the various engines. One method for controlling the engine was via CAN bus (J1939). However, some J1939 parameters were proprietary - reverse engineering was necessary

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000’s logging function and the Wireshark reverse engineering plugin to read, log and label proprietary J1939 parameters. This in turn enabled direct control of the machine via CAN bus and allowed use of Horiba software / hardware

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The result was a CAN bus communication system for various electronically controlled motors. Further, mechanical motors are controlled via an actuator. The actuator was also controlled via CAN bus from the Horiba software ‘Stars’

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Strong price and quality - and it’s easy to use with both stand-alone logging features and real-time streaming via Wireshark

Remote Control Room for Engine Test Stand Wireshark Reverse Engineering J1939 Data

The CLX000 worked perfectly for reverse engineering proprietary J1939 data”

   — Daan de Roos, owner of DDR Engineering & Marine Projects

Bonus: Check out Daan's own blog post on this use case for more details.

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | Wireshark Streaming | CL2000  

UAV Airplane Use Case Study
Singular Aircraft Use Case

Singular Aircraft   UAV Aircraft Manufacturer / Spain


About: Singular Aircraft is a new UAV manufacture in its prototyping stage. The first aircraft, ‘Flyox I’, has been designed for remote operations at dangerous or remote areas

What PROBLEM did you solve?
We had a problem with an electronics systems in our plane - and needed to diagnose this. As the plane is an UAV, this needed to be done in a standalone logging setup

HOW did you solve it?
We used the CLX000 as a blackbox in our plane as all communications on the plane are done via CAN bus. This allowed us to debug the issue via the logged data

Drone Plane UAV Data Logger

"The CL3000 works perfectly - and it has one of the best value/cost ratios in the market"

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 provided an affordable blackbox solution, which was a great fit due to the unmanned nature of our aircraft

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
Because of the quality/cost ratio and because it is very easy to use

   — Yago Yáñez Marco, PhD at Singular Aircraft

Learn more:  CSS Electronics | CL3000  

CAN Bus Drone Data Logger
InertialLabs Use Case Study

Inertial Labs   Position & Orientation Technology / USA


About: Inertial Labs is a leader in position and orientation technologies for commercial/industrial and aerospace/defense applications

What PROBLEM did you solve?
Our ‘INS’ devices (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems) are equipped variety of serial interfaces including a CAN interface. We needed a way to evaluate that the CAN bus of our device was working as intended

HOW did you solve it?
We use the CLX000 to collect data from the INS, which we then convert into physical values using our *.DBC file and the CANvas software

What BENEFIT has this led to?
The CLX000 allows us to convert our own CAN bus data to human-readable form and quickly analyse it for validity - incl. whether the device works as intended and if our data can be converted properly

Drone Data Acceleration Graph Plot

“The CLX000 is very convenient to use - and the free software with DBC conversion is great!

Why did you CHOOSE the CLX000?
A key reason was the free CANvas software, which supports DBC conversion - as well as the CLX000 being simple-to-use and reasonably priced

   — Maxim Zhukov , Inertial Labs

Learn more:   CSS Electronics |  CL2000  

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