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Wielton Group

Wielton Group is a top three European manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers and truck bodies. They serve various industries, providing durable and efficient transportation solutions.

What problem did you solve?

We are designing an electric axle for heavy-duty trucks. When the vehicle is driving, no interaction from the driver is possible. Therefore we need to design a system that is reliable - every day, under every service condition and with any truck.

How did you solve it?

To ensure we find all the rare events of interest to us, we use the CANedge3 - which we have found to be the best solution.

Specifically, we record a high load of data on both CAN interfaces provided by the CANedge. This includes our internal J1939 bus (channel 1) and information from third-party devices (channel 2). In some deployments we send the data via LTE to give us near real-time feedback about the system health. In other cases, we purely record data offline to the SD card. For the purpose of data analysis, CSS offers a great set of software tools. An outstanding example is the Python API - and for ad hoc data investigation, the asammdf GUI.

Truck Trailer Reefer CAN Bus Diagnostics

"When hunting for rare events and collecting service data, there is no better way than the CANedge - just install it in every prototype, it will pay off!"

CANedge3 installation Aberg ECU
The CANedge3 can be easily installed via mounting flanges

What benefit has this led to?

When operating in the field there is normally no possibility to connect sophisticated analysis devices to on-road systems like ours. However, with the CANedge we can simply tell the driver: "do what you always do" and collect the data via LTE - or ask the driver to eject the SD card if we record offline. With this, we have everything we need for further analysis.

Why did you choose the CANedge3?

First of all, the CANedge3 is very competitive cost-wise. Secondly, CSS offers great support - and last (but not least) the devices are highly flexible.

   — Julian Ebert, Team Lead, R&D Embedded Applications, ABERG Axles GmbH

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