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CAN Bus Data Loggers - Simple, Powerful & Low Cost

Need a powerful low cost CAN bus data logger?

You're in the right place!

The CLX000 is a plug & play stand-alone CAN logger (8GB+) and real-time CAN interface.

Popular use cases include vehicle fleet management, prototype fleet testing, diagnostics & reverse engineering.

Want to learn more? Watch our 90s intro video!


Plug and Play Simple To Use CAN Logger Memory Tool


No config needed - just connect to log (power via CAN bus & auto-detect bit rate)

High Speed CAN Bus OBD2 J1939 NMEA 2000 FMS CAN Protocol


Supports high speed CAN (ISO 11898-2, 11-bit + 29-bit) - incl. J1939, FMS, OBD2, CANopen

Small Tiny Compact Enclosure Device Module


Only 6.7 x 4.3 x 2.4 cm, light-weight (45 G) and with 3 status LEDs

Standalone CAN Bus Data Logger and CAN Bus Interface ECM


2-in-1: Standalone CAN logger with 8GB+ SD card and USB CAN interface

Free CAN Bus Software Analyze CANalyzer Alternative ECU


Configure the CLX000, stream CAN data in Wireshark & convert data via *.DBC

Configure Silent Mode Last in First Out RTC Filters Memorator


Enable e.g. silent mode, cyclic logging, RTC sync, filters, transmit data & more

Real Time Clock Timestamp Date and WiFi 3G 4G Hotspot


Real-time clock (CL2000/CL3000) & WiFi (CL3000) - upload data via WiFi/3G/4G

Made in Denmark Quality Free Support


Danish quality with 1-year warranty, CE/FCC/RoHS - and excellent free support


  • Review PG Low Cost Vehicle Data Logger Vector Alternative
    "These seem to be the ONLY affordable CAN loggers on the market"

       — Chad C, PG Engineered Control Solutions

  • Late Stage Field Test Vehicles EV Motorcycles Kvaser Alternative
    "We loved it! And I can put 5 of the CLX000 CAN loggers on our test fleet for the price of one Memorator logger"

       — Bryan Cady, Battery Specialist at Zero Motorcycles

  • Vehicle Development Field Tests Toyota Review Motor Fuel Sensor
    "The CLX000 is low cost & easy to use - and enables data logging with no driver interaction needed!"

       — Rob MacArthur, Engineer, Toyota Motor North America R&D

  • J1939 WiFi Reverse Engineering
    "The ease of use and added value of the CL3000 is excellent!
    CSS responded quickly and adequately to our questions"

       — Remco Louter, Owner of Louter Control

  • Tribine Review Long-Term Blackbox Vehicle Data Standalone
    "The CL2000 can be left in the machine all of the time - and the price lets us buy enough units to truly utilize this ability"

       — Greg Leck, Electronics Design Engineer at Tribine

  • WiFi CAN Logger Aircraft UAV
    "The CL3000 works perfectly - and it has one of the best value/cost ratios in the market"

       — Yago Yáñez Marco, PhD at Singular Aircraft

  • J1939 DBC Truck Data
    “The CL2000 is very easy to setup, the software is intuitive and the *.DBC feature is nice - highly recommend it!"

       — Curtis Steele, Manager, Product Development at ProAll

  • CAN Logger Field Test Data Harvester Equipment
    "We used the CL2000 for months now - despite rough environments we found the device sturdy and reliable"

       — Caspar van Zon, Senior Software Developer at Kverneland Group (Netherlands)

  • J1939 Engine Test Stand Proprietary Data
    “The CLX000 worked perfectly for reverse engineering proprietary J1939 data”

       — Daan de Roos, owner of DDR Engineering & Marine Projects

  • Vehicle Fleet Analysis Data Logger
    "The CL2000 is very easy to program and work with, reliable and affordable. We can remotely analyze, develop & diagnose customer vehicles – we're very pleased!"

       — Jonathan B, Tomcar Israel

  • Vehicle Fleet Analysis Data Logger
    "Setup was very easy and the SD card let us collect months of field data without taking equipment out of service. Great support and solid products"

       — Eric J, HydraMaster

  • J1939 Data Logger Mobile Crane Hydraulics
    "We were pleasantly surprised how easy the setup was - I must commend the CSS team, they did a heck of a job making the product a pleasant out of the box experience!"

       — Jeff F, Western Integrated Technologies



CL1000 - Low Cost & Good for Streaming

The CL1000 is our cheapest CAN bus analyzer - but it lacks an RTC, making it less ideal for standalone CAN logging.

However, for real-time streaming purposes (e.g. diagnostics, reverse engineering), the CL1000 is a great low cost CAN interface.


CL2000 - Great for CAN Data Logging with Infrequent Collection

The CL2000 is still very low cost vs. other CAN bus analyzers - and with the RTC it's a versatile vehicle logger.

Typical use cases include vehicle field testing, rare issue diagnostics, optimization and compliance logging.

If you need weeks or months of vehicle data - with infrequent data retrieval - the CL2000 is a good choice.


CL3000 - Designed for Convenience, Scale & Automation

The CL3000 adds WiFi to the CL2000's core features, making it a powerful IoT CAN logger.

WiFi lets you collect CAN data remotely via WLANs or 3G/4G hotspots - vital in many use cases:

  • Fleet Management: With hundreds of vehicles, manually retrieving your CAN data is simply not practical
  • Client Monitoring: If you're an OEM and need to monitor equipment at customer sites, remote collection is preferable
  • Difficult Locations: WiFi is great when you need to retrieve data from hard-to-reach places - or remote locations
  • High Frequency: In e.g. telematics you'll need to collect data frequently (e.g. near real-time) - here WiFi is mandatory
  • Synchronization: CAN logger clocks drift over time - but WiFi RTC Sync, you'll ensure all your CL3000s are synced daily

Finally, consider all costs when deciding between a CL2000/CL3000 - in particular FTE costs.

Example: An FTE collects CL2000 data 1x/week. It takes 30 min at 40€/hour - here, the CL3000 is paid back in ~2 months.


Still in doubt? Reach out and we'll help you within 24 hours!

CAN Protocols: In technical terms, the CLX000 can log data from any high-speed CAN bus system (ISO 11898-2). This includes J1939, OBD2, CANopen, DeviceNet, NMEA 2000, FMS and other CAN based standards.

If you're unfamiliar with the many CAN bus standards, check our simple intros to CAN bus, OBD2, J1939 or CANopen. CLX000 Applications Bus Truck Machine Tractor Automotive

Applications: In terms of applications, the Controller Area Network is used in practically all automotives (cars, trucks, transit buses, motorcycles, electric vehicle batteries, forklifts, harvesters etc.). Further, CAN bus is also the basis in many types of factory machines, e.g. in industrial automation & production applications. Finally, it's also broadly used in marine (boats, ships), aerospace (planes, drones, helicopters) and robotics.

CAN Parameters: In regards to CAN bus data parameters, the CLX000 CAN bus analyzer will log any broadcasted CAN data from the vehicle/machine. Further, it's possible to disable the silent mode on the CLX000 and send up to 20 custom CAN bus messages periodically to the CAN bus, allowing the CAN device to e.g. request OBD2 data or record on-demand J1939 PGNs.

Practical examples of CAN data include fuel consumption, vehicle speed, brake data, tire pressure, temperatures, RPM, MAF, intake/exhaust conditions, emissions data, battery data, VIN, engine hours and more. Of course, what data you'll be able to log depends on what data is available from your specific application.

Note: Data is logged in raw form and needs to be scaled to human-readable form (aka scaled engineering values). This requires a script or software (e.g. our free CANvas tool) and a *.DBC file. We offer a low cost J1939 DBC and CANvas comes with a built-in FMS database and OBD2 Mode 01 PID database.

The CLX000 is used in many different use cases - incl. below examples:

  • Telematics: The CL3000 is great for simple telematics in e.g. large J1939 heavy duty vehicle fleets
  • Development: For OEMs, the CLX000 is a core CAN tool for developing e.g. ECUs/powertrains in test bench setups & dynos
  • Optimization: Data from the CLX000 is key in optimizing fuel costs, vehicle emission, acceleration performance etc.
  • Maintenance: The CLX000 provides critical data for both regular, preventive and predictive vehicle maintenance
  • Field Tests: Late-stage prototype development requires low cost, small and standalone vehicle data loggers for field testing
  • Diagnostics: The CLX000 lets you both stream & log data (incl. OBD2), making it ideal for asset troubleshooting - incl. rare issues
  • EV Batteries: Data is increasingly critical in managing electric vehicle batteries (EV batteries) - e.g. in forklifts and AGVs
  • Reverse Engineering: The CLX000 and Wireshark combine into a powerful CAN bus sniffer solution for e.g. car hacking
  • Research: Finally, the low cost CLX000 is used broadly in university research (driver behavior, vehicle optimization, ...)

The CLX000 is helping 1,000+ companies in 50+ countries across these type of use cases - learn more below:


Yes, we provide our free CANvas software for the CLX000 CAN tools:

  • CANvas lets you easily configure your CAN bus data logger
  • Further, it lets you stream data in real-time via Wireshark
  • Finally, it lets you convert raw CAN data using our OBD2 database and *.DBC files

In short, CANvas supports all your basic CAN logging needs!

We recommend checking out our CANvas intro - as well as our GUIDES page for details on the various Wireshark features.

In particular, our free Wireshark plugin lets you live-stream converted CAN bus data (using OBD2 or e.g. J1939 DBC files).

The Wireshark plugin also offers the popular 'CAN Live' trace view, which is great for reverse engineering proprietary CAN data.

Do you have to use CANvas? No - you can easily configure the logger directly editing the CONFIG.INI file in a text editor. Similarly, our log file format is a simple *.CSV open source format (see J1939 example below) - meaning that you do not have to use CANvas to convert it. In fact, many of our users apply their own custom conversion scripts to do so. Our product manual also describes how you can integrate the CLX000's CAN bus stream directly into your scripts using a machine-friendly format.

Learn more below:


The CLX000 series offers a unique combination of powerful features, ease-of-use, low cost - and excellent service.

We really listen to our users - therefore we also think the best way for you to decide is to check their reviews below.

Overall, the CLX000 is a great product - but cases exist where other solutions may better fit your needs.
If you're in doubt, contact us for honest sparring - we get back within 24 hours:


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