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Your data, your way. Easily log CAN data from your vehicle / machine - and extract it via SD, WiFi or LTE. Process the interoperable data in your favorite tools - or via 100% free open source software/APIs.

Perfect for vehicle telematics, OEM development, diagnostics and more.

Key features

Plug and Play Simple To Use CAN Logger
                                Memory CAN Data Acquisition PLUG & PLAY

No setup needed - just connect to log (power via CAN connector & auto-detect bit rate)

High Speed CAN Bus OBD2 J1939 NMEA 2000 FMS
                                CAN Protocol CAN BUS READY

Record high speed CAN/FD/LIN - incl. J1939, FMS, OBD2, CANopen, NMEA

Standalone CAN Bus Data Logger and CAN Bus
                                        Interface ECM STANDALONE

Log data to industrial 8-32 GB SD - no pc required. Power safe.

Small Tiny Compact Enclosure Device Module COMPACT

Devices are smaller than 8 x 5 x 3 cm and light-weight (100 G)

Real Time Clock Timestamp Date and WiFi 3G
                                                    4G Hotspot WIFI/LTE/GPS

Push data to your server/cloud. E2E security. OTA updates. Optional GPS/IMU

Configure Silent Mode Last in First Out RTC
                                Filters Memorator CONFIGURABLE

Configure filters, silent mode, encryption, cyclic logging, triggers, transmit lists & more

Free CAN Bus Software Analyze CANalyzer
                                        Alternative ECU SOFTWARE/API

Interoperable formats. Free open source software/API tools incl. DBC decoding

Made in Denmark Quality Free Support MADE IN DK

Danish engineering.
1-year warranty. CE/FCC/RoHS. Excellent free support

Trusted by engineers at leading OEMs

CSS Electronics Customer Testimonials OEM

"The CANedge2 got us up-and-running at a rapid pace with robust config options - and the CSS support was outstanding!"

   — Andrew Nolan, Connected Services at Volkswagen Group of America

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"It was really easy to configure the device and make it work. The WiFi logger is great for getting quality data remotely."

   — Jesus Alvarez, Siemens Engines R&D

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"The CANedge2 is a very good tool, reliable and easy to use - and CSS provides outstanding customer support!"

   — Thomas Schulz, Volvo Penta

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"We use the CANedge1 for fault detection on in-field machines. It really helps us pin-point issues that can't be identified via built-in machine diagnostics - with very good and quick support by CSS!"

   — Peter Kremers, JCB Deutschland GmbH

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"The CANedge let us collect data from our fleet of test EVs - I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a CAN data logger."

   — Yettella Siva, Bosch India

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"Excellent functionality. Outstanding support. Continuous improvements. The CANedge2 is the best you can get!"

   — Luis E Lopez Rojas, Product Validation Technical Specialist, Cummins

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"The CANedge2 is a high quality product, but the support from CSS makes it an absolutely unbeatable solution!"

   — Bart van der Vlugt, Engineer R&D, Kverneland Group

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"The CANedge/CANmod let us easily capture our CAN data - without relying on Vector tools"

   — Julian Bellalbero, Sr. Electrical Drives Engineer, John Deere

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"The CANedge is very simple to use - and since it's permanently installed we can rely on the CANedge if there is a problem during testing as it records everything, all the time"

   — Antoine Gozard, Vehicle Test Engineer, Koenigsegg

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"The CANedge/CANmod are convenient, easy-to-use and affordable tools for data collection"

   — Jim Thomas, HVAC Controls Design, Nissan TCNA

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"The CANedge2 is a great device at a super price - and it absolutely fits our needs!"

   — Paolo Denetto, Systems Specialist, Marelli

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"The CANedge1 is easy to configure and install - and stores vehicle data in case it's needed for analysis"

   — Peter Forster, Senior Engineer at Hyundai Motor Europe

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"CSS Electronics devices and software have been an absolute cornerstone to the success of many of our projects - and the customer service is one of the best I've ever had"

   — Taky Parvex, Technology Manager at Antu Energia

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"The CANedge2 allowed us to investigate and monitor data on critical systems with minimal software configuration or intervention"

   — Gianluca Rigoletti, Doctoral Student at CERN

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Which CAN logger do you need?

CANedge CAN bus data loggers

CANedge - pro specs 2 x CAN/LIN logger

The CANedge is our 2nd gen CAN/LIN data logger. It combines ease-of-use with pro specs and powerful configuration options. The timestamped data can be processed in your favorite tools - or via 100% free open source software/APIs. Optional WiFi, 3G/4G and GPS/IMU.

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CLX000 - low cost CAN logger/interface

The CLX000 lets you log CAN data to an SD card in CSV format - and process it via the free software tools. Further, you can stream data in real-time via USB on your PC for e.g. reverse engineering and diagnostics purposes.

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CLX000 Low Cost CAN Logger & Interface

CANmod Sensor to CAN bus Modules

CANmod - CAN bus modules

The CANmod devices output sensor data to CAN (GPS/IMU, thermocouple, analog/digital/pulse) - or re-route up to 4 x CAN to 1 x CAN. The modules integrate with any CAN bus - incl. as add-ons for the CANedge. They also support streaming via USB.

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100% free & open source software/API tools

Easily configure devices & process data via free software tools.

  • Configure devices via simple GUI editors
  • Manage connected CANedge devices & data remotely
  • Convert raw data to CSV, Vector ASC or PEAK TRC
  • DBC decode CAN data to physical values and plot
  • Visualize your data in customizable browser dashboards

Convert your data to CSV, Vector ASC or PEAK TRC. DBC decode it to physical values and create graphical plots. Or visualize your data in customizable browser dashboards - your choice!

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If you're in doubt which CAN logger to choose, contact us - we always respond fast with quality sparring.

Below is our 'rule of thumb' guidance:

  • CL1000: If you only need to stream data via USB (or log data without absolute date & time stamping)
  • CL2000: If you need to both stream data via USB and log timestamped data to an SD card
  • CANedge1: If you only need to log timestamped data to an SD card
  • CANedge2: If you need to log data to an SD card and transfer it via a WiFi access point to your own server
  • CANedge3: If you need to log data to an SD card and transfer it via 3G/4G LTE to your own server

Overall, the CANedge (and related software) is far superior for SD logging - and we strongly recommend this, unless you explicitly require USB streaming. If you need to collect data frequently/automatically/remotely, see the CANedge2/CANedge3.

CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
CAN & LIN CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
# of CAN channels 1 1 2 2 2
# of LIN channels 2 2 2
CAN FD Yes Yes Yes
RTC with battery backup (resolution)  
 i  All loggers except the CL1000 have a real-time clock for timestamping each data frame with the absolute date & time. The CANedge timestamp resolution is 20x higher than the CLX000, which is relevant as the CANedge is able to log a far higher number of frames per second.
Yes (1 ms) Yes (0.05 ms) Yes (0.05 ms) Yes (0.05 ms)
 i  The CLX000 is able to log up to around 800-1000 frames without message-loss. The CANedge is designed for lossless logging at any busload and has been used in various use cases to record 3000+ frames/second (1500+ per channel). In practice, most CAN bus applications broadcast between 500-1500 frames/second.
~800-1000 ~800-1000 3000+ 3000+ 3000+
DATA LOGGING CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
SD card logging  
 i  All loggers have an 8 GB SD card as the default card (optional 32 GB SD card upgrade)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Industrial & extractable SD  
 i  The CLX000 enables log file transfer via USB (~0.5 MB/s), while the CANedge enables log file transfer via the extractable industrial micro SD card (~80 MB/s)
Yes Yes Yes
Log file format  
 i  The CLX000 logs in a simple CSV-style TXT format. The CANedge logs in the MDF4 (.MF4) log file format is a standardized and popular binary format for logging e.g. CAN bus and LIN bus data. It is supported by various existing software and API tools. The MF4 format is ~50% more compact than the CLX000 format (~80% with compression enabled)
.TXT .TXT MDF4 (.MF4) MDF4 (.MF4) MDF4 (.MF4)
Cyclic logging  
 i  Cyclic logging lets the device overwrite the oldest file once the SD card is full
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Silent mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bit-rate auto detection  
 i  The device can auto-detect the bit rate for most applications. It is also possible to select a manual bit-rate from a list of standard bit-rates. Further, the CANedge supports advanced bit-rate customization
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filters & prescaling  
 i  The CLX000 supports up to 8 "acceptance" CAN ID filters using "masks", while the CANedge supports 64 extended or 128 regular CAN ID filters per channel. The CANedge filters can be set to either "acceptance" or "rejection" - and you can define both "masks" and "ranges" for the filters. The CLX000 supports basic 'Count' prescaling to log only e.g. every 5th frame. The CANedge supports both a Count, Time and Data prescaler type
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Transmit lists  
 i  The CLX000 supports up to 20 custom transmit frames, while the CANedge supports up to 64 custom transmit frames per channel
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Control signal (trigger)  
 i  The CLX000 supports start/stop of logging based on the presence of a specific CAN ID. The CANedge extends this to be able to trigger logging/transmitting on specific signal values as well (e.g. if EngineSpeed exceeds a specific threshold)
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Data compression & encryption  
 i  The CANedge enables optional compression of data to reduce file size by 50-80% vs. uncompressed data (and vs. the CLX000 log files).

Further, the CANedge can encrypt data so that it can only be read via a password - e.g. to ensure GDPR/CCPA compliance as well as ensure that the data has not been tampered with
Yes Yes Yes
CAN/LIN error frame logging  
 i  The CANedge supports logging of CAN/LIN error frames
Yes Yes Yes
STREAMING CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
USB streaming to PC  
 i  The CLX000 has a USB connector to allow streaming of data in real-time via USB to a PC. The streamed data can be displayed in SavvyCAN and e.g. analyzed for reverse engineering
Yes Yes
GNSS/IMU CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
GNSS/IMU support  
 i  The CANedge supports a built-in GNSS/IMU module. This enables you to connect an external GNSS antenna (or a 2-in-1 WiFi/GNSS or LTE/GNSS antenna) to add 40+ signals like position, speed, distance, attitude and more.
Optional Optional Yes
WIFI/LTE CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
Secure WiFi/LTE data transfer  
 i  The CANedge2 can auto-push log files to your own S3 server (e.g. an AWS S3 cloud or MinIO S3 server). Data can be uploaded via HTTP or secure HTTPS. The connectivity also allows the devices to auto-sync the RTC to ensure that large fleets of devices are in time sync.
WiFi 3G/4G LTE
Over-the-air config/firmware Yes Yes
SOFTWARE CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
Configuration editor  
 i  The CLX000 INI config can be modified via a text editor. The CANedge JSON config can be modified via a text editor or the free online/offline editor tools. For the CANedge2, we also provide a simple batch manager tool for updating multiple devices over-the-air
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DBC conversion support  
 i  The CLX000 log files can be DBC converted via the free SavvyCAN software. The CANedge log files can be DBC converted via e.g. the free open source asammdf software or Python API
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Convert data to e.g. ASC, TRC  
 i  The CLX000 log files can be converted to Vector ASC or PEAK TRC via drag & drop converters.

Similarly, the CANedge log files can be converted via simple drag & drop converters, which can also be used in scripts or via the command line. The CANedge converters support multiple formats including Vector ASC, PEAK TRC, CSV and the CLX000 TXT format
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graphical plot support  
 i  The asammdf GUI enables easy graphical plots of DBC converted data
Yes Yes Yes
Data processing API  
 i  The CANedge log files can be processed via Python APIs for e.g. automatic analysis of large amounts of data.

Further, S3 APIs can be used for easily managing uploaded data & device files on your server - enabling fully automated systems e.g. for BI integration or data dashboards
Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard integration  
 i  The CANedge data can be easily visualized via free, open source and customizable browser dashboards (e.g. via Grafana). This is particularly useful in combination with the automatic data collection of the CANedge2
Yes Yes Yes
Telematics "cockpit"  
 i  CANcloud is a free optional browser tool for the CANedge2. It lets you log in to your server via the browser and manage your connected devices & data. For example you can monitor devices in the field via the status dashboard and perform easy over-the-air updates
Yes Yes
MECHANICAL CL1000 CL2000 CANedge1 CANedge2 CANedge3
L x W x H (mm)  
 i  Note that CANedge antennnas/flanges are excluded in the measurements
67 x 43 x 24 mm 67 x 43 x 24 mm 75 x 47 x 20 mm 75 x 47 x 20 mm 75 x 47 x 20 mm
Volume (cm3) 70 cm3 70 cm3 70 cm3 70 cm3 70 cm3
Weight (g) 50 50 100 100 100
Enclosure ABS Plastic ABS Plastic Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium

The CANedge series is the 2nd generation of the CLX000 series. The CANedge does not support USB streaming, but is instead far superior for CAN logging use cases.

Below we outline the key advantages vs. the CLX000:


  • Aluminum enclosure: The new enclosure is far more robust and enables use of different external antennas
  • Protection: The CANedge comes with a more rugged protection against e.g. supply transients
  • 5V power out: Easily power e.g. CANmod sensor-to-CAN devices via the 2nd port
  • Channels: 2xCAN/LIN channels, enabling logging from 2 CAN + 2 LIN buses in parallel
  • Industrial SD: The CANedge uses an industrial SD card, improving performance, life time, temperature range & more
  • Extractable SD: The SD can be extracted to transfer data at 80 MB/s (vs 0.5 MB/s for the CLX000 via USB)

Log files & software/API

  • MDF4 log files: Popular binary MDF4 format - more compact than CSV, faster to process, supported by many CAN tools
  • JSON Schema: Config files are based on the JSON Schema concept, supported by many open source tools
  • Config editor: Simple GUI editor lets you easily modify your CANedge configuration online or offline
  • CANcloud: Open source CANcloud browser tool makes it easy to manage log files and e.g. configure devices (incl. OTA)
  • Converters: Open source light-weight converters enable drag & drop/CLI conversion of MDF4 into e.g. *.csv and *.asc
  • asammdf GUI: Enables user-friendly MDF4 log file editing, DBC-conversion (incl. OBD2/J1939), graphical plots & more
  • Python API: Easily process your data at scale and automate the creation of e.g. reports/databases/dashboards

Data logging

  • Lossless: The CANedge can log extreme bus loads with zero message loss (the CLX000 is limited to ~800-1000 frames/sec )
  • Advanced configuration: More advanced filters & transmit lists (e.g. up to 128 filters vs. 8 on CLX000)
  • Advanced triggers: Start/stop logging based on CAN signal values
  • Compression: Optional compression lets you reduce log file size by 50-70%
  • Encryption: Optional encryption lets you encrypt CAN data on the SD card
  • Precision: 20x higher RTC resolution (50 micro seconds) - with WiFi/LTE/CAN/GPS RTC sync
  • Boot time: Much faster boot time vs the CLX000 (~1-2 sec vs. ~10 sec)
  • CAN FD: Supports CAN FD (Flexible Data-Rate) data logging, making it future proof
  • LIN: Supports 2 x LIN bus data logging (publisher or subscriber mode)

WiFi/LTE (CANedge2/CANedge3)

  • WiFi/LTE: Support for automated log file upload via WiFi (CANedge2) or LTE (CANedge3)
  • Over-the-air updates: Update device configuration/firmware over-the-air (OTA) with a few clicks - incl. via batch tools
  • Security: Secure HTTPS transfers. Encrypted credentials on SD
  • Clouds: S3 interface enables plug & play integration in e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure - and free S3 servers like MinIO
  • S3 API: The S3 API enables easy automation of your server file management incl. e.g. OTA updates and log file processing

Internal GNSS/IMU

  • GPS/IMU Optioonally add GPS/IMU for data like position, trip distance, speed, acceleration and more to your data

Further, the CANedge series will be our focus for new firmware upgrades - meaning you'll see a lot of powerful features added in addition to the above over the coming period. The main use case where a CLX000 is optimal is if you primarily need to stream real-time CAN data via USB (which is not supported by the CANedge series).

The CAN loggers are plug & play, letting you record raw CAN data out-the-box:

  • Connect the device to your CAN bus (optionally using one of our DB9 adapter cables)
  • The device powers on, detects the bit rate and starts logging raw data to the SD card
  • Disconnect the device, extract the SD and insert it into your PC (or extract via USB for the CLX000)
  • From here, you can open the raw log files in the free open source software to DBC decode & analyze it

In addition, there are vast configuration options and ways to utilize the software/APIs as part of your CAN data acquisition.

For more details, see the get started guides which go through each step of the CAN logging and data processing.

Below we detail what type of data you can record with our CAN bus systems (split by protocol, application and parameters):


All devices can log data from any high-speed CAN bus system (ISO 11898-2) - incl. higher layer protocols.

Examples include:

The CANedge can also log the below:


The Controller Area Network is used in practically all automotives today and many machinery applications.

Examples include:


The devices allow you to log all broadcasted CAN bus data - as well as request e.g. OBD2/DTC data.

Examples include:

  • Speed, Engine RPM, MAF
  • Temperatures (oil, coolant)
  • Throttle & brake position
  • Fuel level & rate
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Tire pressure, ABS
  • Hydraullic pressure
  • Engine torque, exhaust
  • Gear position
  • ... and much more

Note: CAN data acquisition lets you record data in raw form, which means it needs to be decoded to human-readable form (aka 'scaled engineering values' or 'physical values') - so that you can plot and analyze it. This requires a CAN bus decoder software/API/script and a DBC file (database of CAN bus decoding rules).

You can DBC convert CAN data from our devices via the free SavvyCAN tool (CLX000) or the asammdf GUI/API (CANedge). Further, we offer a free OBD2 DBC and a low cost J1939 DBC for conversion purposes.

Our CAN loggers are used in many different use cases - incl. below examples:


The CANedge is ideal for telematics in e.g. J1939 heavy duty vehicle fleets or warehouses


For OEMs, CANloggers are core in developing e.g. ECUs and powertrains in test bench setups & dynos


CAN bus decoders are key in optimizing fuel costs, driver safety, vehicle emissions, boost performance etc.


Automated access to vehicle data can be a key enabler in both regular, preventive and predictive maintenance

Field tests

Late-stage prototype development requires low cost blackbox vehicle data loggers for field tests

Car diagnostics

CAN loggers can be used to log/stream OBD2 data ideal for e.g. analysis of driving behavior or diagnostics

EV batteries

Data is increasingly critical in managing electric vehicle batteries (EV batteries) - e.g. in forklifts and AGVs

CAN hacking

The CLX000 provides a powerful CAN bus sniffer solution for e.g. car hacking and reverse engineering

See also our case studies & reviews section with practical use cases from our end users.

Yes, see our overview of free software/API tools - and our recap below:

Free software/API tools (CANedge)

MDF4 converters

The CANedge MF4 log files can be easily converted via the free open source MF4 converters - e.g. to CSV, ASC (Vector), TRC (PEAK) and more - allowing you to load data in your favorite tools

Learn more

asammdf GUI

The open source asammdf has an easy-to-use GUI tool for Windows/Linux that lets you read, edit, export, DBC convert and plot MF4 log files from the CANedge2 (incl. OBD2 or J1939)

learn more


You can easily set up 100% free and customizable browser dashboards to enable CAN bus telematics. We provide the key tools and a full step-by-step guide for setting this up via Grafana

learn more


CANcloud lets you manage your CANedge devices & data in your browser. Simply login to your S3 server to e.g. download files or update devices over-the-air. 100% open source

Learn more

Python API

Our open source Python API lets you perform large scale data processing and automation

learn more


MF4 data from the CANedge can be natively loaded via MATLAB's Vehicle Network Toolbox - or converted to compatible MAT/CSV

learn more

Config editor

The config editor lets you easily load and edit your CANedge config - either offline or online.

learn more

Free software tools (CLX000)


The CLX000 comes with free drag & drop converters for converting raw log files to other formats like Vector ASC and PEAK TRC.

learn more


SavvyCAN is a Windows/Linux GUI tool for streaming CAN data via the CLX000 (or loading log files). It offers real-time DBC decoding, visual plots and powerful tools for reverse engineering & diagnostics.

learn more

Note: All the above tools are 100% optional - you can use the CLX000/CANedge devices without any of the above.

Yes, the CANedge series is designed for easy white labeling:

  • The CANedge SD card, configuration files, log files etc. are 'sanitized' by default - i.e. no mention of product/company name
  • The CANedge can be purchased without the front logo silk print and the backside label can be removed
  • Software like CANcloud and Grafana dashboards are open source enabling you to customize them to your needs
  • You host your own server (with no vendor lock-in) - i.e. we do not charge any subscription fees or similar
  • With the open source APIs, it is simple to create e.g. automated reports, dashboards or database integrations

To learn more about our white label options, please contact us.

  • We ship within 1-2 work days with express (1-3 days) or free (8-12 days) shipping
  • We ship globally - if your country is not listed during check-out, contact us
  • Unless otherwise stated, all products are in stock

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