OBD2 DBC File - Decode Your Car Data

OBD2 DBC file free

The OBD2 DBC file contains conversion rules for decoding raw OBD2 data to human-readable form (km/h, %, ...).

DBC is the standard CAN database format used in most CAN tools - incl. our CANedge software/APIs.

This OBD2 DBC contains ~150 of the standard Mode 01 PIDs - and you can easily extend it with e.g. proprietary PIDs.

The database is 100% free and can be used natively with the CANedge series through the asammdf GUI/API.

Download and learn more below:

When is an OBD2 DBC used?

The OBD2 protocol is used across practically all passenger cars today. Because OBD2 is standardized, you can use the OBD2 DBC file to decode OBD2 PID data across different car brands/models/years OBD2 data logging and telematics.

For basics on OBD2 data logging, see our OBD2 telematics intro.

A DBC file (CAN database) is a standardized format for storing decoding rules used for converting raw CAN bus data into human-readable form (aka physical values). For details, see our intro to the DBC file format.

The OBD2 DBC file serves as an OBD2 PID database for service mode 01. This includes useful OBD2 parameters like Speed, Engine Speed, Fuel Level, Throttle Position, Mass Air Flow Rate (MAF), Engine Fuel Rate and more. In total the OBD2 DBC contains ~150 OBD2 PID decoding rules.

However, it is important to note that it differs by car model/year what OBD2 PIDs you can extract. In simple terms, you can set up an OBD2 logger to attempt to request a set of OBD2 parametesr from the car. If the car supports a requested OBD2 PID, it will send a response containing the current OBD2 data value. If the requested OBD2 PID is part of our OBD2 DBC (i.e. part of the service 01 standard OBD2 PIDs), you'll be able to decode the raw OBD2 data response using the OBD2 DBC and e.g. the free asammdf GUI (when using a CANedge1 or CANedge2).

For more details on how OBD2 works see our OBD2 intro

If you have proprietary or OEM specific OBD2 PID decoding rules, you can of course add these to the OBD2 DBC file. In our DBC intro you'll also find a list of online databases with proprietary CAN/OBD2 decoding rules for cars. You can e.g. use our online DBC file editor to make the changes.

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