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Singular Aircraft

About: Singular Aircraft is a new UAV manufacture in its prototyping stage. The first aircraft, 'Flyox I', has been designed for remote operations at dangerous or remote areas

What problem did you solve?

We had a problem with an electronics systems in our plane - and needed to diagnose this. As the plane is an UAV, this needed to be done in a standalone logging setup

How did you solve it?

We used the CL3000 as a blackbox in our plane as all communications on the plane are done via CAN bus. This allowed us to debug the issue via the logged data [note: Today, the CL3000 has been replaced by the CANedge2].

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"The CL3000 works perfectly - and it has one of the best value/cost ratios in the market"

What BENEFIT has this led to?

The CLX000 provided an affordable blackbox solution, which was a great fit due to the unmanned nature of our aircraft.

Why did you choose the CLX000?

Because of the quality/cost ratio and because it is very easy to use.

   — Yago Yanez Marco, PhD at Singular Aircraft

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