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Scuderia Mensa

Scuderia Mensa is the formula student team from University of Applied Sciences RheinMain Ruesselsheim.

What problem did you solve?

In our vehicle we have many self-developed PCBs and control systems. We continuously develop new functions to improve the performance and reliability of the system. To ensure robust performance of the complex system we must analyze all testing data we have available and assess the behavior of the vehicle.

How did you solve it?

We added the CANedge2 to the CAN bus. We use the SD card to extract the raw CAN log and store it on a PC. With the asammdf GUI we convert the raw CAN logs to other data formats that help us analyze the data (for example .csv or .mat). Typically we use MATLAB for detailed analysis.

Race Car Telematics via WiFi

"Thanks to the very good documentation we were able to easily integrate the CANedge into our system"

Video overlay with CANedge data showing vehicl speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, steering wheel angle, throttle, brake, our 4-wheel drive torque distribution and the yaw rate of the car

What benefit has this led to?

We have gained a lot of insights into the behavior of our system. We also used the log data to create onboard videos with data-overlay to analyze our drivers. In the future we plan to automatically transfer data from test runs via WiFi to our data analysis toolchain.

Why did you choose the CANedge2?

We selected the CANedge due to the ability it provides for logging CAN data to an SD card, while also enabling us to eventually start using WiFi transfer for faster data analysis after testing. CSS Electronics also provides extensive guides for learning about CAN, which is very beneficial to our student project.

   — Tom Odak, Simulation & Software

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