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Recording BMS Data From Submarine ROV for Ex Post Analysis

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About: Idrobotica is the world leader in the design and manufacture of ROV Systems - with focus on solutions dedicated to defense, science and institutional organizations

What problem did you solve?

We produce ROVs with LiPo battery management systems (BMS) inside, sending a lot of info via CAN bus. We wanted to gather all the data, but only a small part could be sent via our remote console due to byte limitations on the serial line between the vehicle and remote console 

How did you solve it?

We sent only the most vital info via the console, while we connected a CL1000 in the vehicle to ensure we had all data logged. Once the ROV returned from underwater activities, data could be analyzed ex post from the CL1000's SD card

LiPo Battery Pack Data Submarine

What BENEFIT has this led to?

The CL1000 helped us truly understand the behavior of the LiPo batteries by getting insight on all the data from the BMS (which had no storage system itself). In particular, we had data available in case any strange behavior occurred, allowing for swift resolution

"The CL1000 is a powerful stand-alone CAN logger and an easily configurable system"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

Because it was small, stand-alone - and it cost less than others

   — Emanuele Musazzi, Senior Software Engineer at Idrobotica

The CLX000 - CAN bus data logger & interface

The standalone CLX000 lets you both log and USB-stream CAN data (with 100% free software) - learn more:

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