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ARTHUR BUS offers emission-free buses for a greener, cleaner, and sustainable future.

What problem did you solve?

We implemented a new model of a 12-meter hydrogen-powered city bus and used a data logging solution to effectively analyze the vehicle's behavior in various operational conditions, particularly focusing on the drive system. The goal was to test different features and components, especially the drive train system, under diverse scenarios encountered during normal usage. To obtain a comprehensive view and engage in discussions with suppliers and customers, we installed a logger that continuously records raw data from the CAN bus.

How did you solve it?

Our CANedge2 enables the collection of data from various CAN applications, providing us with a comprehensive analysis of the vehicle's behavior and the ability to conduct unlimited simulations. During the route, the logger records real-time data, and in the absence of WiFi access, it automatically buffers the data on a 32 GB card. We use a WiFi access point in the bus, although it sometimes happens - especially abroad - that there is no WiFi connection, in which case the SD card is very useful.

After completing the route, the data is compressed and stored on servers. The decoding application allows us to convert files into a readable format for analysis. We use an AWS S3 bucket for storing uploaded data and CANcloud for managing devices and data. For processing the data, we use the free open-source asammdf GUI/API, PCAN Explorer (via the MF4 converters) and MATLAB/Simulink (not very visually appealing custom scripts and models).

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"The CANedge is the optimal solution for monitoring and analyzing CAN bus data"

Arthur Hydrogen Bus

What benefit has this led to?

Our company derives several benefits from this solution. By logging raw CAN data, we can conduct detailed analyses of each route, identify potential issues, and assess the performance of individual components. This enables effective communication with suppliers and customers, eliminating any doubts about the vehicle's operation. Additionally, in the event of an error or malfunction, quick access to logs enables efficient diagnostics and repairs.

Why did you choose the CANedge2?

Overall, we appreciate the benefits of the CANedge2 as well as the friendly helpful support and precisely described instructions. The choice of CANedge as our logger stemmed from several significant factors. The device is extremely simple to configure and operate, contributing to the efficiency of the data logging process. Furthermore, the ability to buffer data on a card and automatically send it to servers upon WiFi connection was a crucial feature, especially during tests in different terrains. The CANedge met our expectations in terms of reliability, compact size, functionality, and ease of integration, making it the optimal solution for monitoring and analyzing CAN bus data.

   — dr inz. Katarzyna Zielinska, Software/Simulation MATLAB/Simulink Engineer (PhD, Eng.)

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