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About: ARADEX AG specializes in electromagnetic drive solutions for utility vehicles, construction machines, and marine applications.

What problem did you solve?

I needed to diagnose the LIN bus communication between an ECU and a heater module. The module was not operating as expected, so I wanted to review the LIN data to identify if there were any issues in this part of the installation.

How did you solve it?

I started by updating the CANedge2 firmware, as LIN logging was introduced in a more recent update. The update was very easy and fast. After the update, the CANedge2 started to log the LIN data automatically - I didn't even have to adjust the config. To convert the MF4 log files to CSV I used one of the MDF4 converter tools recommended by the support team. All the necessary data were logged and easy to understand.

LIN Bus Data Logger

What benefit has this led to?

After logging the LIN Bus we knew that the information was sent correctly from the ECU to the heater.

"The CANedge2 helped us in quickly troubleshooting the LIN bus communication issue"

Why did you choose the CANedge2?

We chose the CANedge2 because of the price, the freeware tools and the standardized data format. Also because of the very good and fast support.

   — Magnus Abele , Project engineer at ARADEX AG

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