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Zero Motorcycles

About: Zero Motorcycles manufacture 100% electric motorcycles - and are aiming to become the Tesla of motorcycles with a focus on high performance electric bikes

What problem did you solve?

Electric vehicle systems have a lot of critical information on the CAN bus. Many different devices all need to work together. We needed a cost effective, simple to use CAN logger to collect data on our EV systems to diagnose issues. Before the CLX000 I used a BeagleBone Black with a custom CAN logger program, but it took >15 seconds to boot and had issues if it lost power. Also, the CAN logger had to be small to hide on the bike.

How did you solve it?

We got one of the CLX000s - we loved it and ended up purchasing more. We have also used the Kvaser Memorator Pros, but they cost ~1600$ each. For data collection, having a larger data sample size for the same budget is a no brainer.

Electric Bike Data Logger CAN Bus

"We loved it! And I can put 5 of the CLX000 CAN loggers on our test fleet for the price of one of the Memorator loggers"

What BENEFIT has this led to?

We have been able to track many issues in our system. Due to the low cost and small size, we can also send the loggers out with customers to get "ride profiles". With the CLX000s we can now record all data during a ride and "playback" the data into our test systems (motor dyno, battery simulator, etc)

Why did you choose the CLX000?

All other options required us to use proprietary software and closed source formats. The CLX000 is both low cost and it's simple to write programs for the data (vs. e.g. Vector). Also, I really like that the development keeps going!

   — Bryan Cady, Battery Specialist at Zero Motorcycles, Inc

The CLX000 - CAN bus data logger & interface

The standalone CLX000 lets you both log and USB-stream CAN data (with 100% free software) - learn more:

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