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About: ProAll Reimer Mixers create specialized solutions for quality, cost-effective on-site mixing on truck, trailer or static-mounted units across 50 countries for 50+ years

What problem did you solve?

We had two challenges:

1) We prototyped a new load cell concept on our mobile cement bins and wanted to do road tests (rough braking, shocks etc.) to see peak cell loads  

2) We tested a new electric actuator (CAN bus) on a prototype machine, which was causing odd behaviour in our CAN input devices (keypad and rotary encoder)

How did you solve it?

1) The load cell module was CAN bus, so we simply connected the CLX000, set up the CAN bus data stream and quickly determined that the load cells were more than capable). For the strange actuator behaviour, we logged the J1939 data during the events to find that the keypad manufacturer's firmware did not properly filter out certain messages, instead interpreting them as commands - causing the random behavior. We logged 1 mn+ lines of data to identify the patterns - and using this, the manufacturer could update their FW. Support for DBC files helped in this.

What benefit has this led to?

We could quickly verify potential/real issues in our prototype - and solve them. Without the CAN logger we would have needed extensive programming and time

"The CL2000 is very easy to setup, the software is intuitive and the *.DBC feature is nice - highly recommend it!"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

It was recommended by a supplier of ours and we really needed something easy to use, yet powerful enough to be able to capture and organize CAN data quickly and seamlessly

   — Curtis Steele, Manager, Product Development at ProAll

The CANedge1 - 2 x CAN bus data logger with SD & RTC

The CANedge series is the 2nd generation of the CLX000 - specifically optimized for logging CAN data to an SD card. The CANedge1 is a professional-grade 2 x CAN/LIN data logger with SD & RTC - learn more below:

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