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Decathlon is a leading global retailer specializing in sporting goods and equipment. The company also develops and produces their own e-bikes in Lille.

What problem did you solve?

We need to understand how our e-bikes are used in the field. The goal for us is to build endurance profiles to help design our motors and autonomy profiles for optimizing our battery design. This in turn requires that we equip an e-bike fleet with data loggers to record user data such as cyclist power, cadence, speed, assistance mode and more. Our project has been focused on the specific e-bike LD920.

How did you solve it?

Today we use both the CANedge2 (with WiFi) and CANedge3 (with 3G/4G). For many deployments, the CANedge2 can be deployed to collect data during field-use to the SD card - and offload it to our AWS S3 cloud server once the e-bike returns to our company WiFi range. For other use cases no WiFi is available - and here the CANedge3 can be deployed with a SIM card for cellular data transfer.

For post processing, we extract the raw data (MDF log files) from our AWS S3 bucket and load the data in nCode (HBM software). Within nCode we are able to construct the profiles we need.

We are currently looking into optimizing our workflow and potentially enabling automated transfer of MF4 files from our AWS S3 bucket to the HBM cloud solution (AQIRA).

e-bike telematics CAN bus to cloud WiFi 3G 4G

"The CANedge enables us to collect massive amounts of user data with ease"

Decathlon Data Analysis
Example set of visualizations created from 150 km of data across 5 different cyclists (focused on speed, motor temperature, cyclist power, assistance mode)

What benefit has this led to?

The CANedge lets us collect the data we want at the sampling rate we prefer at scale - helping us better understand and develop our e-bike fleets. We are now able to collect massive amounts of data across our prototype fleet of e-bikes with ease.

Why did you choose the CANedge?

We originally selected the CANedge due to the size, robustness and price.

   — Maxime Darnois, Test Engineer, Decathlon

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