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Developing CAN Bus Displays via WiFi CAN Data Logger

Case Studies / CSIRO Energy

CSIRO Energy

About: CSIRO is an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research, aiming to improve the social & economic performance of the industry

What problem did you solve?

We needed to develop a real-time CAN data streaming system to be shown on a customized interface display (SAE J1939 protocol). This will allow hydraulic fracturing field operators to get quick feedback on the operation of field equipment and maintenance needs.

How did you solve it?

We developed a custom program and used the CL3000 to verify correct reception and conversion of the CAN bus data

What benefit has this led to?

The CL3000 provided us with a convenient way to verify the correct operation of our program [note: We have since transitioned from the CL3000 to the CANedge2].
Oil Gas Energy Hydraulic Fracturing J1939 Data

"The added features of the CL3000 were extremely useful in helping us develop our application"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

The additional features of the CL3000 (WiFi CAN logging, auto-pushing to an FTP server, RTC) were very useful in developing our application - they definitely made life easier!

   — Sam Cantrill, Research Assistant at Hydraulic Fracturing Team, CSIRO Energy

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