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CAN Bus Troubleshooting via XCP and WiFi/LTE Data Logger

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Vitesco Technologies

Vitesco Technologies is an international leader in intelligent and electrified drive systems with a strong focus on sustainability. The company has 35K+ employees across 50 locations worldwide.

What problem did you solve?

Our team needs to perform inverter maintenance, which involves reviewing a temperature simulation model by recording vehicle data via XCP on CAN. In addition, we need to perform CAN based troubleshooting related to software reprogramming in a passenger car.

How did you solve it?

For the inverter maintenance aspect, we record vehicle CAN data including a number of specific variables measured via XCP on CAN using the CANedge. The data is uploaded to AWS S3 via WiFi or LTE and processed in a Lambda function using the asammdf Python API. The decoded data is stored as a new MF4 file within our AWS based Vitesco Technologies data lake.

As for the CAN diagnostics use cases, we primarily use the CANedge as a blackbox, analyzing DBC decoded data in the event of reported issues. ​

XCP on CAN Bus Data Logger Cloud

"The CANedge has replaced our previous IoT solution and significantly reduced complexity in our CAN telematics pipeline"

CANedge3 CAN Bus Data Logger with 3G/4G and GPS/IMU
The CANedge3 2 x CAN/LIN data logger with 3G/4G

What benefit has this led to?

The CANedge enables us to explore new business models, incl. predictive maintenance. In addition, it lets us perform continuous monitoring of relevant CAN bus applications for e.g. diagnostics purposes, speeding up bug discovery and troubleshooting.

In particular, the CANedge has enabled us to replace our previous IoT device (which used AWS IoT Core) with a far simpler solution - and we will decommission the last of our previous streaming devices this summer as we transition to the CANedge.

Why did you choose the CANedge?

​We chose the CANedge for the compact size, simple setup and configuration process.

   — Bernhard Wörner, Engineer, Vitesco Technologies

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