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Precision Governors

About: PG provides engineered control solutions to industrial markets including Marine, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Agriculture, Construction and Industrial

What problem did you solve?

We needed to log data from a mobile test vehicle during R&D to analyse various controllers (temperatures, currents, voltages, interactions) - the purpose was to design our control systems optimally vs. the vehicle requirements. The simplest way was to log the existing CAN based sensor data from the controllers

How did you solve it?

We started by developing an in-house CAN-to-SD data logger. However, we quickly found that the CL1000 was both smaller, more portable and worked. We've used it for years now. We simply plug it in, log the data, extract it - and handle the J1939 data in Python

What benefit has this led to?

It's easy for us to get a complete log of data of everything going on on the CAN bus - allowing us to show customers data from when they've operated the vehicle

"These seem to be the ONLY affordable CAN loggers on the market"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

At the time, it was the only option on the market - and we stopped looking since. Other CAN logger suppliers said we were "not a good fit for their products" when we asked why we had to pay $4,000 for a high end J1939 logging system

   — Chad Clendening , Sr. Project Engineer at Precision Governors

The CANedge1 - 2 x CAN bus data logger with SD & RTC

The CANedge series is the 2nd generation of the CLX000 - specifically optimized for logging CAN data to an SD card. The CANedge1 is a professional-grade 2 x CAN/LIN data logger with SD & RTC - learn more below:

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