Prototype car blackbox CAN bus data logger

Prototype Car 'Blackbox' via CAN Data Logger + Sensor Modules

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Koenigsegg Automotive

Koenigsegg Automotive is a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance Megacars and an innovative technology company based in Angelholm, Sweden.

What problem did you solve?

The original primary goal of using the CANedge CAN bus data loggers was to add a 'safety device' aka blackbox in our prototype cars, which would record sensible data all the time. The objective is to avoid losing important information (by using a wrong DBC file for example). To achieve this, we now record raw CAN data on two CAN buses all the time.

How did you solve it?

The CANedge2 loggers are connected to 2 CAN buses in each prototype car. As they record raw data, we can DBC decode it during post processing - depending on the software version of the car. The CAN loggers are permanently installed in the front hood of the cars, connected to the buses with DB9 connectors. The data is offloaded to our server via WiFi/LTE or by manually collecting it from the SD card.

Prototype car blackbox data logger

"The CANedge is very simple to use - and since it's permanently installed we can rely on the CANedge if there is a problem during testing as it records everything, all the time"

CANedge2 with GPS/IMU

What benefit has this led to?

Prior to using the CANedge, it sometimes happended that data was recorded with outdated measurement templates (and thus DBC decoding), which did not correspond to the software version of the car. In contrast, the CSS CAN loggers allow us to go back to the raw CAN data recorded and post-process it with the corresponding DBC files.

The logger also serves as an added security in case a measurement system crashes. We use the CAN loggers, but also other the CANmod sensor-to-CAN modules from CSS (the CANmod.temp and CANmod.input), specifically for small temporary benches needed to develop some systems. They are easy to set up and easy to use.

Why did you choose the CANedge?

The main goal was to add a blackbox security system that works well for recording the raw data of the car. Our team initially chose the CANedge data loggers for their low prices - and since we have been very happy with both the hardware/software, we have continued to use them since then.

   — Antoine Gozard, Vehicle Test Engineer, Koenigsegg

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