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EV Truck Telematics: 2 x J1939 Data Logger (GPS/IMU + LTE)

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OX Delivers

OX Delivers specializes in the development of affordable, plug & play and easy-to-maintain electric trucks for use in remote areas with poor road infrastructure.

What problem did you solve?

During our vehicle development, it is necessary to conduct extensive testing. Even though we have the option to complete small-scale tests using an ordinary CAN interface and a laptop, we needed a solution for capturing all of the CAN traffic throughout any driving that our truck does. This type of data collection is relevant for EV range estimation and drive cycle analysis. Additionally, we require a solution which enables our powertrain engineers to access and process vehicle data remotely - especially for vehicles that are deployed in a different country.

How did you solve it?

In each vehicle, we have installed a CANedge3 device that allows us to constantly record all messages from the two powertrain CAN networks. We are also able to monitor the temperature within the motor and battery cooling systems with the help of the CANmod.temp module. Data is uploaded to our own AWS S3 bucket. The CANcloud software tool from CSS is ideal for quickly browsing the cloud storage where all the log files are stored. It helps to check the recent activity of each OX truck and also enables us to download specific data of interest for local processing with the asammdf GUI and the respective DBC files.

OX Truck Telematics Diagnostics J1939 to Cloud

"The CANedge3 provides amazing functionality in a small package, at a great price - and the support from CSS is exceptional"

Electric Truck Data Logger
The electric OX Truck (in Rwanda)

What benefit has this led to?

With the CANedge3 we can now log, back up, and analyse vehicle data easily. Having a logger installed full-time in a vehicle means that if an issue occurs during operation we always have reference data to aid with troubleshooting.

Why did you choose the CANedge3?

The CANedge3 device is a very capable offering that combines CAN logging and cloud uploads in one neat package. It offers a seamless and user-friendly experience from setup to data retrieval. The compact design makes it easy to install in various environments. One factor that played a big role in the decision was the availability and detail of the support documentation.

   — Kristian Opushenski, Senior Powertrain Engineer

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