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Using CAN Bus Data and DIAdem to Diagnose EV Powertrain

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Hyundai Motor Europe

Hyundai is a leading global automotive manufacturer. In particular, Hyundai has a very broad range of powertrains across petrol, diesel, battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell.

What problem did you solve?

In the powertrain department we sometimes get complaints or questions regarding the engine behavior in vehicles, even if they are not used directly for powertrain testing. In these vehicles, only special measurement equipment is installed - and no data from the engine/powertrain is logged, making analysis difficult.

How did you solve it?

To solve this, we can now easily install a CANedge1 to record a 'circular buffer' of raw CAN bus data - and then review the data if we get a complaint/comment from a different department. To do so, we currently record the entire powertrain CAN bus (PT-CAN), decode the data using a DBC file and visualize the data with DIAdem. The recorded data is compressed to reduce the size. We use the MF4 converters and the asammdf GUI to decompress and DBC decode the data.

What benefit has this led to?

In battery electric vehicles (BEVs), systems are increasingly working together - for example braking and regeneration. With the CANedge1, we can now analyze data from e.g. a brake test with focus on the brake temperatures - and determine what role the powertrain played in the test results.

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"The CANedge1 is easy to configure and install - and stores vehicle data in case it's needed for analysis"

Why did you choose the CANedge1?

The CANedge1 is easy to configure and install. Further, the 'cyclic logging' functionality lets us store all the CAN bus data through a rolling window, meaning we always have access to the latest period of data. We can then review this data on demand. Further, no driver action is necessary for starting the logging of CAN bus data.

   — Peter Forster , Senior Engineer, ePT Performance Development, Hyundai Motor Europe

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