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Domteknika   Engineering company / Switzerland

About: DOMTEKNIKA is an engineering company with expertise in fields including plastics, mechanics, hydraulics or electronics across sectors green tech, appliances and medical

What problem did you solve?

We needed to analyse the circuit behavior of a prototype car. However, using a CAN-to-USB interface tool with a PC was not practical as the cars went through heavy stress testing and were used by various people

How did you solve it?

We used the CLX000 to record log file data. Further, we developed a small custom script to analyze and display the log file data together with recorded video. With this we could quickly diagnose the issue by linking mechanical events to the electrical ones

What benefit has this led to?

The CLX000 is truly plug and play and it simply works every time it is plugged into the car - with no usage mistakes. The raw CAN bus data provides the basis for many use cases.

Prototype Vehicle Field Test Data Logger

"The CLX000 is a very fast solution for diagnosing failures - making it a powerful device"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

The CLX000 was very affordable, allowed automatic logging and had a small size

   — Adrien Hoffet , Head of Electronics at DOMTEKNIKA

The CLX000 - CAN bus data logger & interface

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