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About: BorgWarner is a global automotive components supplier, primarily known for its powertrain products incl. transmissions, clutches & turbochargers across 60 facilities

What problem did you solve?

We added a complex module to the CAN bus of a project car. To ensure proper operation, we needed to verify that the module was communicating correctly with the car.

How did you solve it?

We attached the CL2000 first to the module separately, then the car separately - and then the combination of the two. By studying the 3 data streams, we confirmed that everything worked correctly.

What benefit has this led to?

I'm a novice in CAN bus, but I managed to quickly learn using the CL2000 CAN analyzer and secure that our model worked as intended.
Vehicle ECU Data Prototype

"The CL2000 has been a great device for us! Most importantly, the tech support was outstanding!"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

The CL2000 has a good combination of price and features. A real-time clock and CAN bus live streaming were must haves, while OBD2 requesting was also useful

   — Brock Fraser, Executive Director, Innovation and Investments at BorgWarner

The CANedge1 - 2 x CAN bus data logger with SD & RTC

The CANedge series is the 2nd generation of the CLX000 - specifically optimized for logging CAN data to an SD card. The CANedge1 is a professional-grade 2 x CAN/LIN data logger with SD & RTC - learn more below:

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