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Diagnosing Intermittent Errors via CAN Logger and MATLAB

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New Eagle

At New Eagle we design and build drive by wire systems for various custom applications for customers. The DBW system consists of a main controller and many aux devices of which a few are CAN controlled.

What problem did you solve?

When one of our systems would have an intermittent error or behavior that was not intended, we would previously struggle to get some of the end customers to collect the correct data for us so we could identify the root cause of what was going on.

How did you solve it?

With the CANedge1 data logger added as a standard part of our offering we are now able to collect CAN data constantly - and in the event of an error the customer only needs to send us the log files for us to directly dive into the issue. To analyse the data, we created a MATLAB script that converts log files into a format that we can then easily post process.

Vehicle Controller Diagnostics MATLAB CAN Logger

"The CANedge data logger has helped save countless hours of system and software debugging"

CANedge1 Installation

What benefit has this led to?

The benefit of having the logger in the system has been decreased time to solve the issues and the ability to catch small (not easily reproduced) errors in the system. It has also reduced the time to get the data: Previously we would have to coordinate with the customer to have them collect data which at times could stretch solving relatively simple errors out by days, if not weeks.

Why did you choose the CANedge1?

We chose the CANedge for its relative small size and its ability to simply log lots of can traffic without complex procedures or setup.

   — Billy Bland, Staff Engineer, New Eagle

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