Sports Car Speed Data Analysis GPS CAN bus

GPS to CAN Bus: Adding Speed Data For Drive Cycle Analysis

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Bertrandt offers development solutions for the automotive and aerospace industries. Services include design, testing and production support - with focus on innovation and sustainability.

What problem did you solve?

We wanted to record a GPS-based vehicle speed signal from a sports car to serve as a 'reference value' for the speed calculated by the vehicle itself. In addition, we needed the speed data to better understand other signals through comparison vs. the speed profile of the vehicle during test drives.

How did you solve it?

The CANmod.gps GPS-to-CAN module was integrated into an external measurement system in the vehicle, effectively providing additional sensor information to our existing measurement setup. The data was analysed during post processing.

GPS to CAN Speed Data Analysis Sports Car

"The CANmod.gps can be parameterized by the excellent instructions and provides exact measurements"

What benefit has this led to?

We were able to use the GPS-based speed profile from the test drives to precisely assign the additional measurement data recorded to the driving cycles. This also serves as a basis for enabling us to offer similar services to our customers in the future.

Why did you choose the CANmod.gps?

We selected the CANmod.gps due to the good product presentation on the website, average prices and the good user instructions.

   — Jannis Heim, Test Engineer, Bertrandt Group

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