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Blackbox: WiFi CAN Data Logger for Mobile Crane Equipment

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ematec are specialists in machine and gripping technology, including developing hoisting equipment for manufacturers/operators of wind turbines and wind farm facilities.

What problem did you solve?

We needed a 'flight data recorder' for our Rotor Blade Clamp with its 8 independent CAN bus networks, covering all sensor data from the 5 PLCs.

How did you solve it?

We use 5 CANedge2 devices in parallel to store all the CAN traffic into a ring buffer on the 32 GB SD cards. This results in a 'rolling window' of 5 x 32 GB = 160 GB of data stored on the devices. If an incident happens, we can remotely access each individual CANedge2 unit via VPN and download the files based on the recording time. This lets us understand (and prove) exactly what happened in the rotor blade clamp application.

Mobile Crane Telematics and Diagnostics

"The CANedge2 is small but powerful - with outstanding support from CSS Electronics"

EMATEC Mobile Crane

What benefit has this led to?

With the CANedge2 we are able to make operating errors fully traceable and document incorrect operation by end users.

Why did you choose the CANedge2?

We needed a small, compact, powerful and standalone device - the CANedge2 delivered.

   — Tobias Blattner, ematec

Comments by CSS Electronics

Here, ematec uses an experimental CANedge2 firmware which enables a new WiFi mode called 'Station Mode'. Here, the CANedge2 connects to a WiFi network, making it accessible to all devices on the same network (or globally via VPN access).

In this mode, users can access a device via their browser (or the REST API) to download/delete log files of interest.

This mode is ideal when you only want to collect data 'ad hoc' - but still need remote access.

CANedge2 WiFi modes

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