Motorcycle Reverse Engineering CAN Bus

Reverse Engineering a Motorcycle's CAN Bus via SavvyCAN

Case Studies / Thomas C


About: Thomas Cobb uses the CL2000 for CAN bus reverse engineering - and has been one of the first testers of the new CLX000-SavvyCAN integration

What problem did you solve?

CAN is everywhere and my work requires an understanding of this. The challenge was to tune my Ducati Diavel 2015. To do so I needed to log CAN data, decode the messages and make changes based on real data.

How did you solve it?

Over all it was a steep learning curve when I started with WireShark, but seeing the real-time data was great for identifying the relevant messages. SavvyCAN was my preferred softare tool (also before it was supported by CSS Electronics) - even if there was originally no support for a live data connection. I would log data and play it back in SavvyCAN - and the graphs and flow of data made it possible to slowly identify and interpret the changing bytes and bits. Now we have a CLX000-SavvyCAN integration that works great! Further, support has been great and any questions get answered very quickly - well done CSS!

CAN bus inteface SavvyCAN reverse engineering

What benefit has this led to?

These tools have allowed me to learn more about CAN data - and to appreciate the work that goes into the reverse engineering process. Further, I have managed to decode most of the important messages of interest.

"The CL2000 is compact, feature rich, highly configurable - and it just works great!"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

I chose the CL2000 as it had good reviews, the price was reasonable, it offered plug and play features, it required minimal configuration - and came with a real-time clock (RTC). I'm happy to say it just did a great job. Now I often look at the CANedge ...

   — Thomas Cobb

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