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Analyzing Forester Productivity via CAN Logging & Hacking

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Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences

About: FFWS provides forestry education systems to encourage and support rational forest management and sustainable utilization of the natural resources

What problem did you solve?

We needed to record raw CAN/J1939 data from forestry machines to estimate their productivity. In some cases, this involved reverse engineering the relevant data from the CAN bus

How did you solve it?

We used the CLX000 in two ways: For reverse engineering CAN bus data using the Wireshark plugin functionality [see also the SavvyCAN intro] - and for collecting all relevant data onto the SD card of the CLX000

What benefit has this led to?

The CLX000 has truly moved our possibilities further - at a price that was manageable within the project budget. As such, we already have new research ideas that may lead us to purchasing more CLX000 units

"Thank you for making an awesome device at an unbeatable price!"

Why did you choose the CLX000?

The combination of real-time streaming via Wireshark and data logging to an SD card is a perfect match for our needs - at an unbeatable price

   — Andrew Nuhlicek, Assistant / Ph.D. student at FFWS

SAE J1939 Forestry Machinery

The CANedge1 - 2 x CAN bus data logger with SD & RTC

The CANedge series is the 2nd generation of the CLX000 - specifically optimized for logging CAN data to an SD card. The CANedge1 is a professional-grade 2 x CAN/LIN data logger with SD & RTC - learn more below:

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