DB9 Y Splitter Adapter Cable

DB9-DB9/DB9 - Y-Splitter (1x Male & 2x Female)

Need to split your CAN bus?

This low cost DB9 (D-sub 9) Y-splitter cable lets you easily split a single CAN bus DB9 connector into two connectors. This is achieved via the quality overmolded male-to-female/female DB9 connectors.

The DB9-DB9/DB9 adapter is ideal for connecting multiple CAN devices to a single port - or e.g. daisy chaining CAN modules.

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Solid Quality Rugged Cable AWG SOLID QUALITY

Rugged quality adapter cable with 22 AWG (0.5 mm2) thickness

Non Terminated Large CAN Bus Systems COMBINE

Non-terminated and can be combined with other adapters

Flexible DB9 Splitter Use Cases FLEXIBLE

Open up multiple use cases with the flexibility of an Y-splitter

Lock Cables with Screws SOLID LOCK

DB9 screw locks ensure a solid connection

Standard CAN in Automation DB9 STANDARD DB9

Works with most CAN bus adapters (CiA 303-1 compatible)

1 Year Warranty 1Y WARRANTY

We offer a 1-year warranty on all our products

About the DB9 Y-splitter

The DB9 Y-splitter lets you easily extend and branch out your CAN bus to e.g. add additional CAN nodes.

The adapter is e.g. useful if you need to daisy chain multiple modules together - or provide access for multiple devices through a single CAN bus port.

use cases
DB9 Y splitter adapter cable CAN bus

CANedge2 Dual CAN Telematics

Example: Dual CAN telematics

The DB9-Y-splitter is e.g. often used in J1939 use cases to let you log data via both Channel 1 and 2 of a CANedge - while at the same time connecting an external module like the CANmod.gps, CANmod.temp or CANmod.input.

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Adapter Cable Length 25 cm
Adapter Pins In accordance with CiA 303-1
Compatibility High Speed CAN Bus (ISO 11898-2) incl. CAN FD, SAE J1939, OBD2, NMEA, CANopen
Cable Thickness 22 AWG (0.50 mm2)
Connectors 9-pin D-sub (DB9) male-to-female and female
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC

Adapter pinout

DB9 (female 1) Function DB9 (male) DB9 (female 2)
1 5V Supply Output (CANedge) 1 1
2 CAN-L 2 2
3 GND 3 3
4 LIN Data 1 (CANedge) 4 4
5 N/C N/C
6 GND (optional) 6 6
7 CAN-H 7 7
8 N/C N/C
9 VCC 9 9

Below are some examples where a DB9 Y-splitter can be useful:

Daisy Chain CANmod Temperature Modules

Daisy chain CANmod.temp

Need to log data from multiple CANmod.temp modules?

The DB9 Y-splitter is useful if you need to combine multiple CANmod.temp modules in order to create a CAN bus with e.g. 20 thermocouple channels.

Connect two devices in one port

Need to access a port with multiple devices?

Sometimes you need to connect two devices to e.g. a car OBD2 port. With a DB9-Y-splitter you can e.g. connect your CAN logger - while leaving open a DB9 connector for use by e.g. a diagnostics tool or e.g. a GPS-2-CAN module.

Connect Multiple CAN Bus Devices

No, in principle you can combine as many as you want. Further, you can combine them with our DB9 CAN bus extender cables for building larger CAN bus systems if needed.