DB25-DB25/DB9: Reroute Power To Analog/Digital/Pulse Sensors

DB25-DB25/DB9: Reroute Power To Analog/Digital/Pulse Sensors

Need to supply your CANmod.input sensors with 12V or 24V?

The CANmod.input lets you connect 8 sensors (analog/digital/pulse) and outputs the data via CAN.

The CANmod.input provides a 3.3V excitation signal that can be used to supply low-power sensors. However, many sensors require e.g. 12V or 24V.

This DB25-DB25/DB9 adapter lets you easily power such sensors by re-routing the power supply you use to power your CANmod (or CANedge), enabling you to easily power your sensors.

The cable can be combined with our DB9-DB9/DB9 and DB25-input adapters for flexible installations.

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Plug & Play Voltage Sensor to CAN PLUG & PLAY

Easily add 12V/24V power for your CANmod.input sensors

Sensor to CAN bus simple wiring harness RETAIN PINOUT

Keep pinout of CANmod.input by 'replacing' excitation signal

DB25 reroute power aseparately FLEXIBLE

Reroute power from your CANmod or CANedge supply

Crimped open wires DB25 adapter COMBINE

Optionally combine with our DB25-input adapter cable

Solid Quality Rugged Cable AWG SOLID QUALITY

Rugged and robust quality cable with overmolded connector

RoHS Compliant Cable Tested Denmark ROHS & TESTED

Cables are RoHS compliant and tested in Denmark

About the DB25-DB25/DB9 adapter

The DB25-DB25/DB9 adapter cable makes it easy to reroute power from your CANmod/CANedge to your input sensors.

This enables you to easily power most analog/digital/pulse sensors as long as the required supply matches your CANmod/CANedge (e.g. 12V or 24V). Essentially, the adapter's DB25 (male) pinout is identical to the CANmod.input, but effectively 'replaces' the 3.3V excitation signal from the CANmod.input with the more powerful power supply that is used in powering your CANmod/CANedge.

CANmod.input installation DB25-DB25/DB9 The adapter can reroute the CANmod.input power supply ...
CANmod.input CANedge installation DB25-DB25/DB9 ... or alternatively the power supply from a CANedge

DB25-DB25-DB9 example installations

Example installations

The cable will typically be used in two installation scenarios:

  1. Standalone: If your CANmod.input is directly connected to a vehicle/machine CAN bus, it will be typically be powered via 7-28 V DC. Here, the adapter cable can directly re-use the CANmod.input power supply as a supply for the sensors
  2. Add-on: If your CANmod.input is powered via a CANedge 2nd port 5V power supply (on pin 1), this cannot directly be used as the supply for the DB25-DB25/DB9 adapter. Instead, you can reroute the power supplied to the CANedge (7-32V DC)

In both scenarios you can use our DB9-DB9/DB9 adapter to split the power supply from the CANedge/CANmod and reroute this via the DB25-DB25/DB9 adapter to your input sensors.

You will often be powering the CANmod.input with a 5V power supply from the CANedge 2nd port. When you do this, the power is provided via pin 1 of the DB9 connectors, rather than pin 9. In the DB25-DB25/DB9 adapter we deliberately do not populate pin 1 and hence the cable cannot directly reroute the power supply from a CANedge 2nd port. However, if you provide 5V via pin 9 (for powering your CANmod.input for example), you can reroute this using the cable to power your sensors.

When you reroute the power supply from the CANmod/CANedge to your input sensors, you should verify that the input sensors can indeed be supplied with the same voltage level that you provide your CANmod/CANedge. I.e. if you are providing 24V to your CANmod, ensure that your input sensors can also cope with this power supply - and that they are designed with sufficient protection specs against e.g. transients.

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Adapter Cable Length DB25 (male) to DB9: 20 cm, DB25 (male) to DB25 (female): 10 cm
Connectors DB25 (male), DB25 (female), DB9 (male)
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 150G
Color Black

Adapter pinout

Channel Function DB25 (male) DB25 (female) DB9 (male)
1 + 24 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 12 12 3 (GND)
Sig 25 25
2 + 10 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 23 23 3 (GND)
Sig 11 11
3 + 21 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 9 9 3 (GND)
Sig 22 22
4 + 7 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 20 20 3 (GND)
Sig 8 8
5 + 18 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 6 6 3 (GND)
Sig 19 19
6 + 4 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 17 17 3 (GND)
Sig 5 5
7 + 15 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 3 3 3 (GND)
Sig 16 16
8 + 1 N/C 9 (VCC)
- 14 14 3 (GND)
Sig 2 2