DB25-to-Input: Analog/Digital/Pulse-To-CAN Adapter

DB25-to-Input: Analog/Digital/Pulse-To-CAN Adapter

Need to easily connect sensors to the CANmod.input?

This adapter cable splits the CANmod.input DB25 connector pins into 8 separate cables (one per input channel). The cables are split into three wires (ground, positive excitation signal and signal) - each insulated with heatshrinked pin headers.

This makes it easy to connect a wide variety of analog, digital or pulse type sensors.

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Plug & Play Voltage Sensor to CAN PLUG & PLAY

Easily connect 8 analog / digital / pulse sensors to the CANmod.input

Crimped open wires DB25 adapter INSULATED

Crimped pin headers ensure insulation & easy connection of wires

Sensor to CAN bus simple wiring harness SIMPLE WIRING

Avoid complex wiring harnesses for passive/low-power sensors

DB25 adapter cable label stickers LABELED

Each channel cable and each open wire is labeled with separate stickers

Solid Quality Rugged Cable AWG SOLID QUALITY

Rugged and robust 70 cm quality cable with overmolded connector

RoHS Compliant Cable Tested Denmark ROHS & TESTED

Cables are RoHS compliant and tested in Denmark

About the DB25-input adapter

The DB25 input sensor adapter cable makes it easy to connect up to 8 analog/digital/pulse sensors to the CANmod.input. This makes integration of new sensors plug & play with minimal effort and simplifies the wiring harness.

The adapter cable provides label-stickers on each of the 8 'channel cables' and each of the three open wires of each cable, denoting the positive excitation signal, the ground reference and the signal. It is ideally suited for temporary test installations, but it can also be modified for more permanent field tests.

CANmod analog-to-CAN-bus sensor module DB25 adapter

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Adapter Cable Length 70 cm
Connector DB25 (pin-out designed to match the CANmod.input connector)
Connectors 25-pin D-sub (DB25) female to 8 channel cables, each with 3 open wires (ground, excitation, signal)
Pin Headers 100 mil (2.54 mm), suitable for quick connection to e.g. PCBs
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 100G
Color Black

Adapter pinout

Channel Function DB25 (female)
1 + 24
- 12
Sig 25
2 + 10
- 23
Sig 11
3 + 21
- 9
Sig 22
4 + 7
- 20
Sig 8
5 + 18
- 6
Sig 19
6 + 4
- 17
Sig 5
7 + 15
- 3
Sig 16
8 + 1
- 14
Sig 2