3M Dual Lock Velcro Tape Strips

3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces)

Need to easily mount your CAN hardware?

The 3M Dual Lock velcro tape makes it quick and easy to mount e.g. your CANedge to any surface - no screws required.

The unique design offers exceptional strength and durability - while letting you easily attach/detach your devices.

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Easily mount CAN logger EASILY MOUNT

Mount your CAN loggers & modules on practically any surface with ease

No screws NO SCREWS

Avoid creating screw holes for installation on e.g. vehicle surfaces

Extremely strong velcro 5X STRENGTH

Dual Lock (250) provides 5X tensile strength vs. regular velcro strips

Easily detach velcro tape DETACHABLE

Quickly detach your device when you e.g. need to collect data

Combine CANmod and CANedge via velcro COMBINE

Easily attach e.g. a CANmod to a CANedge

Durable velcro tape DURABLE

Reattach x 1000. Resists moisture, temperature, UV, vibration

About the velcro strips

The reclosable velcro fasteners let you easily mount your CLX000, CANedge and/or CANmod modules in the field. The 3M Dual Lock design offers exceptional strength through the interlocking mushroom-shaped heads with a stem density of 250 per square inch.

The bundle includes 2 sets (4 pieces in total). This lets you easily mount your device to various surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, PC or ABS. Installing your CAN logger with velcro strips is quick, requires no screw holes - and lets you attach/detach your device easily.

The velcro tape can also be useful for interlocking a CANedge and CANmod module. You can also use the velcro to fasten adapter cables in e.g. your vehicle to minimize clutter.

If you need to install a CANedge/CANmod in a more permanent installation or in a high-vibration environment, we recommend using our mounting bracket (optionally with vibration-reducing screws). However, for most other use cases, the velcro strips provide a lower cost and simpler solution for mounting your devices.

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Brand 3M Dual Lock
Type SJ3550 | 250 stem density per square inch
Pieces included 2 sets (4 pieces)
Dimensions 5.0 CM x 2.5 CM
Surfaces Metals, glass, plastics (e.g. acrylics, polycarbonate and ABS)
Closure Fastener secures with an audible snap, thus verifying closure
Resistance Resists moisture, UV and temperature (up to 93 degC)
Durability Attach/detach 1000+ times, while still retaining 50%+ tensile strength