Mounting Kit [Screws & Vibration Dampeners]

Mounting Kit [Screws & Vibration Dampeners]

The CANedge mounting kit is an easy, flexible and compact solution for installing your CANedge CAN/LIN logger in the field.

You can mount the flanged CANedge using the regular screws or the vibration dampeners - enabling a quick, yet robust installation.

The mounting kit includes screws, lock-nuts and vibration dampeners.

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Easily mount and install SECURE MOUNT

Easily install the CANedge for robust medium/long-term logging

Compact wall bracket CAN logger COMPACT

The small device flanges enable a compact and light-weight installation

Flexible data logger installation VIBRATION

Vibration dampeners can help reduce the impact of vibration

Vibration padding via EVA foam QUICK REMOVAL

Half-circle flanges enable quick device insertion and removal

Ingress protection against dust rugged plastic pouch HEX KEYS

All screws come with hex keys for long-term repeat usage

Telematics mounting bracket DIAGONAL

Optionally install with just 2 screws diagonally for quick installations

About the mounting kit

The CANedge is ideal for long-term logging of CAN/LIN data in the field - often over several weeks, months or years. For such use cases, a secure and robust device installation is critical.

You can use the regular screws to install the device against flat surfaces. The half-circle flanges enable quick insertion/removal as you only need to remove the screws on one side of the device.

For short-term installations, you can also consider using zip ties or the 3M velcro strips to install the CANedge.

CANedge mounting kit wall installation

CANedge2 3G 4G 5G hotspot bracket mount

Ideal for long-term installations

The CANedge is often deployed as a 'blackbox' for long-term or permanent installations in vehicles. For such use cases, you can reduce the impact of vibration by using the vibration dampeners. This also provides basic electrical isolation of the device.

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Package contents 4 M3 20 mm screws, 4 washers, 4 lock nuts, 4 M3 vibration dampeners, 4 M3 dampener bolts
Dampeners M3, 20 mm thread length, 57 Shore A +/- 5

Below are some examples where the CANedge mounting bracket can be useful:

CANedge Mounting Kit Telematics J1939 Logger

Vehicle telematics & fleet management

Need to install the CANedge across a fleet of vehicles?

For telematics applications, having a consistent and flexible way of installing the CANedge can be vital. With the mounting kit, you'll have multiple options for deploying the CANedge in e.g. trucks, cars, forklifts and other applications.

Industrial machine monitoring

Need to deploy your logger in a production setting?

When installing a CAN logger within production settings, it is vital that cables and clutter are kept under control. Here, the kit can be used to securely install the CANedge against e.g. a machine surface or wall.

Rare Issue Diagnostics Machinery Maintenance

No, the vibration dampeners will help reduce the impact of vibration on the CANedge. However, high levels of vibration may still negatively affect the lifetime of the device. If in doubt, feel free to contact us for sparring.