DB9 to open wire power ground CAN bus

Generic-to-DB9 Adapter Cable

Need to log data from a CAN bus application with a non-standard connector?

In this case, we strongly recommend to get this generic-to-DB9 adapter, which lets you get started quickly when creating your own custom adapter cable. Save time and minimize errors - so you can get started logging CAN data with your CANedge/CLX000 CAN logger!

When buying a CAN logger you can add this adapter as an option for a 40% discount.

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Quickly create custom adapter cables for your CAN logger

Standard CAN in Automation DB9 STANDARD DB9

Fits our CAN loggers & all adapters (CiA 303-1 DB9 pinouts)

Banana Plugs Power Supply BANANA PLUGS

Detachable banana plugs for power supply via e.g. test equipment

Solid Quality Rugged Cable AWG SOLID CABLES

Rugged 0.5 meter quality cable with 22 AWG (0.5 mm2) thickness

RoHS Compliant Cable Tested Denmark ROHS

Cables are RoHS compliant and tested in Denmark

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About the generic adapter

The generic adapter cable is useful for cases where neither the J1939 or OBD2 adapters can be used directly (or the CAN logger's built-in DB9 connector).

Several applications require a custom cable. Here, the generic adapter can be used as a starting point. Further, the banana plugs are useful for powering the device in test setups.

use cases
CANopen Machine Industrial Automation

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Adapter Cable Length 50 cm
Adapter DB9 Pins In accordance with CiA 303-1
Cable Thickness 22 AWG (0.50 mm2)
Connectors 9-pin D-sub (DB9) female to open CAN L/H wires & positive/ground power supply banana plugs
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 100G
Color Black

Adapter pinout

DB9 (female) Generic (wire)
1 N/C
2 CAN low wire (labeled)
3 Brown/Black
4 N/C
5 N/C
6 N/C
7 CAN high wire (labeled)
8 N/C
9 White
Custom CAN Bus Adapter Create Design

Below is a use case example where the generic-to-DB9 adapter is useful:

Custom Adapter CAN Bus Application Robotics

Custom connector robotics application

Need to log data from a production robot with a custom connector?

Within industrial automation you will often encounter the use of the CiA DB9 connector, meaning you can directly connect a CANedge/CLX000 CAN logger. However, in some cases another connector is used (which we may not offer a direct adapter for). In these cases, the fastest way to connect your CANedge/CLX000 is to create your own adapter based on the generic-to-DB9 cable. This way you'll save time and minimize the customization required - as well as reduce the risk of errors.

We're always eager to learn what custom cable adapters you create using the generic cable. Let us know and we may start offering the cables on our site if there's sufficient demand.