DB9 to OBD2 Connector Cable

DB9 (D-sub9) to ODB2 adaptor cable (1.5m).

Connect the CANLoggerX000 series to the OBD2 pin out of e.g. your car for use in logging or streaming CAN bus or OBD2 data.

Select the DB9-to-OBD2 adaptor cable as a CANLoggerX000 option for reduced price.

50 EUR

Do you want to hack your car? Or simply log OBD2 data to analyse your driving? If so, the CANLoggerX000 is perfect for you - and you'll want to get a DB9-to-OBD2 connector cable as part of the solution.

This adaptor cable lets you easily connect e.g. a CANLoggerX000 to applications using the OBDII (OBD2) connector interface.

For example, you will be able to easily connect the CAN logger to your car's OBD pinout (below the steering wheel). Once connected, the CAN bus data logger will start recording data onto the 8+ GB SD card.

Further, if you also connect the logger via USB to a PC, you'll be able to stream real-time CAN bus or OBD2 data e.g. via our Wireshark integration. Our free Wireshark plugin even allows you to stream real-time human readable OBD2 data in just a few clicks - or use powerful free tools for reverse engineering data parameters from your car!

We provide solid quality cables that are tested to work with our simple, powerful & affordable series of CAN bus data loggers.

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OBDII Connector (16-Pin)

Length: 1.5 meters


obdII pinout

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