SMA Antenna Extension Cable

Antenna Extension Cable (1M, SMA)

Need to extend your CANedge2 antenna?

The external WiFi SMA antenna of the CANedge2 can be easily disconnected to add an extension cable.

This is ideal when the device is installed behind e.g. shielded panels that reduce WiFi connectivity. With the extension cable, the WiFi antenna can be moved to a better position for optimal range.

Further, the cable also lets you replace the default antenna with e.g. a roof antenna.

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Easily Log CAN data from Channel 2 BOOST RANGE

Improve WiFi range via optimal antenna positioning

Custom WiFi Antenna Roof IP67 CUSTOMIZE

Connect to alternative SMA antennas of your choosing

Protect CAN Logger IP Rating Secure PROTECT

Install your device in a shielded position without loosing range

Plug & Play Easy Install PLUG & PLAY

Easily detach the default antenna to add the cable

Combine Multiple Extension Cables COMBINE

Simply connect two cables for up to 2M extension

1 Year Warranty 1Y WARRANTY

We offer a 1-year warranty on all our products

About the antenna extension

The SMA antenna extension cable can be used for moving the CANedge2 WiFi antenna to a more ideal position - while e.g. keeping the CANedge2 installed in a secure location.

For example, the device may be installed behind metal panels that drastically reduce WiFi connectivity. By using the extension cable, the antenna can be moved outside the shielding.

WiFi CAN Logger Extendable Antenna

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Cable Length 1 meter
Connectors SMA female-to-male
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 15G