In-Cab Adapter Cable Tractor

In-Cab-to-DB9 Adapter Cable, LBS [Tractors, ISOBUS]

Do you need to log ISOBUS data from agricultural vehicles like tractors/harvesters?

This in-cab-to-DB9 (LBS) adapter fits most tractors and lets you easily connect your CANedge/CLX000 CAN logger to start recording ISOBUS data.

The cable connects VCC, GND and CAN 1 of the in-cab connector to enable read-access only (while CAN 2 enables read/write access to the same bus).

Note: The initial batch of this cable has a shorter length than intended, hence the price is reduced from 75 EUR to 30 EUR. Optionally extend it with a DB9-DB9/DB9 or DB9-DB9 adapter.

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30 EUR
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Adapter Cable Length 15 cm (incl. connectors)
Connectors In-cab (female), 1 x DB9 (female)
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 60G
Color Black

Adapter pinout

In-Cab Function DB9 (female)
2 CAN 1 L 2
4 CAN 1 H 7
7 VCC 9
9 GND 3
ISOBUS LBS in-cab adapter cable pinout