DB25-to-4x-DB9: 4 x CAN bus adapter cable

DB25-to-4x-DB9: 4 x CAN Adapter

Need to connect 4 x CAN to your CANmod.router?

The CANmod.router lets you receive/transmit CAN traffic from/to 4 CAN buses via 1 CAN bus (or USB).

This DB25-to-4x-DB9 adapter cable lets you directly connect your CAN buses to the CANmod.router using our standard DB9 adapter cables.

You can add this as an option when purchasing a CANmod.router.

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Adapter Cable Length 20 cm
Connectors DB25 (female), 4 x DB9 (male)
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 210G
Color Black

Adapter pinout

DB25 (female) Function DB9 CAN-S1 DB9 CAN-S2 DB9 CAN-S3 DB9 CAN-S4
1 CAN-S4 H 7
2 CAN-S4 L 2
14 CAN-S4 GND 3
18 CAN-S3 H 7
17 CAN-S3 L 2
5 CAN-S3 GND 3
22 CAN-S2 H 7
21 CAN-S2 L 2
9 CAN-S2 GND 3
12 CAN-S1 H 7
13 CAN-S1 L 2
25 CAN-S1 GND 3