DC to Cigarette Outlet Adapter

Need to power a device via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter?

With this DC male connector and our DB9-to-DB9/DC adaptor, you can easily power e.g. your CAN logger CLX000 via your car’s cigarette lighter (in case your CAN bus does not provide a direct power supply).

It can also be used if you want to log data via a CANCrocodile, powering the CLX000 via your cigarette outlet.

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About the DC to Cigarette Outlet Connector

What can you use it for? The DC male (5.5 ID, 2.1mm CPD) to 12V cigarette outlet adapter is primarily intended as an easy way to power your CLX000 when no direct power is available through the CAN bus.

Most often, you'll be able to simply power the CLX000 via the OBD2/J1939 connector in your vehicle - but sometimes this is not an option. By powering the CLX000 via the cigarette outlet, you get the same effect - incl. linking the logger's on/off cycles to your vehicle's battery.

In particular, the adapter fits our CANCrocodile adapter kit, which is e.g. used in telematics/fleet management. Here, powering the CLX000 via the cigarette outlet is often a convenient method - at least for pilot testing.

For permanent installations, you may prefer to directly power the CLX000 via the vehicle's battery to avoid wiring in the cabin.

Power CANCrocodile Adapter Kit

When Do You Need the DC to Cigarette Outlet Adapter?

In many cases, you can simply connect the CLX000 using a DB9-OBD2 or DB9-J1939 adapter and power it via the CAN bus.
However, sometimes this may not be an option:

J1939/FMS Vehicle Telematics

Need access to J1939/FMS data - but lack a connector port?

For vehicle fleet management, you’ll typically need to collect OBD2/J1939 data. Often this can be logged directly via OBD2 or J1939 connectors, but sometimes the relevant connector is blocked or unavailable.

Here, the CANCrocodile offers a simple solution by simply tapping directly into the relevant CAN bus wires. It’s automatically listen-only and does not affect warranties, making it great for large-scale fleet applications.

To power the CANCrocodile, you'll need an external power supply - for vehicles, a convenient solution is the cigarette outlet, where our DC adapter is directly compatible with the CANCrocodile kit.

Check out our Tech Specs/FAQ above - or go back to the top to buy!

Adapter Cable Length 90 cm (excl connectors)
Adapter DC Connector 5.5 mm (ID) x 2.1 mm (CPD)
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 60G
Power Input/Output 12V (CLX000 requires 7-36V)

If you do not have a cigarette outlet available, you may alternatively power the CLX000 via a custom connection to your vehicle's battery. This is typically a solution deployed when using the CLX000 with a CANCrocodile kit for more "fixed" setups rather than initial pilots. For non-vehicle applications, you can power the CLX000 using e.g. a wall power outlet and our DB9-DB9/DC adapter.


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