DB9-DB9 Extension Cable (3M, CAN Bus)

Need to extend your CAN bus system?

With this 3 meter low cost DB9 female to DB9 male connector cable, you’ll be able to easily extend your CAN bus system or connect your CAN logger CLX000 to a difficult-to-reach location.

The cables are non-terminated, letting you combine multiple together.

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30 EUR


About the DB9-DB9 Extension Cable

What can you use it for? The 3 meter DB9 (male) to DB9 (female) CAN bus extension cable is great for connecting multiple CAN nodes in a system. In particular, you can use it to connect a CLX000 to an existing CAN bus system - e.g. in difficult-to-reach locations.

Further, the cable is non-terminated, allowing you to combine multiple cables into large CAN bus systems. The DB9 pinouts are according to CiA 303-1, meaning that the cable can be used with any of our CAN loggers, adapters and DB9 accessories - as well as most other CAN tools on the market.

When Do You Need the DB9-DB9 Extension Cable?

Below is an example where the extension cable may be relevant:

Machine in Hard to Reach Location

Need to log data from less accessible machinery?

Sometimes you may need to frequently collect your CAN bus data from a difficult-to-access machine. Here, using one (or multiple) DB9-DB9 extension cables can greatly reduce the effort involved in retrieval, providing quick access to connecting/disconnecting your CLX000 CAN logger. It's also useful in case you need to stream real-time CAN data from e.g. machines, test benches or similar while being in a different room entirely.

Note of course that the maximal bit rate falls as you extend the cables.

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Adapter Cable Length 300 cm
Adapter Pins In accordance with CiA 303-1
Compatibility High Speed CAN Bus (ISO 11898-2) incl. CAN FD, SAE J1939, OBD2, NMEA, CANopen
Cable Thickness 22 AWG (0.50 mm2)
Connectors 9-pin D-sub (DB9) male to female
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 190G

Adapter Pinout

  DB9 (Female)     Function     DB9 (Male)  
1 N/C
2 CAN-L 2
3 GND 3
4 N/C
5 N/C
6 N/C
7 CAN-H 7
8 N/C

When the length of the CAN bus system is extended, there is an increased propagation delay. For signaling at 1 Mbps, the maximum cable length is 40 meters to be compliant with the CAN bus standard, which specifies a maximum propagation delay of 5 ns per meter. For details, see this NI article.


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