OBD2-to-DB9 Adapter Cable

Need to log OBD2 or raw CAN bus data from your car?

This 1.5 meter OBD2-DB9 adapter cable fits the connector found near your car's steering wheel and lets you easily connect a CLX000 CAN logger to start recording OBD2/CAN data.

When buying a CLX000 you can add this adapter as an option for a 40% discount.

50 EUR


About the OBD2-DB9 Adapter Cable

What can you use it for? The OBD2-DB9 adapter cable is suited for use in passenger vehicles - incl. regular cars, taxis, light duty vehicles. It's also suited for use in the OBD2 connectors found in most heavy duty vehicles (trucks, buses, ...). The cable lets you easily connect your CLX000 CAN logger directly to the CAN bus.

How to install it? You simply locate the OBD2 16-pin connector near your steering wheel inside your car. Note that in some cars it'll be hidden behind a panel - if in doubt, use this site.

How to log & convert OBD2 data? To log OBD2 data, you need to request the specific parameter IDs (PIDs) by "polling" the CAN bus. The CLX000 allows you to send up to 20 custom request messages to the CAN bus. If the parameters are available in your vehicle, the ECUs will provide response messages. These can be converted using our free CANvas software and the built-in OBD2 database.

For more details on OBD2, check out below GUIDES:

OBD2 Connector 16 Pin Car Data

When Do You Need the OBD2-DB9 Adapter?

Below are two use cases examples where the OBD2-DB9 adapter is useful:

Vehicle Fleet Telematics

Need to log OBD2 data from a car fleet?

If you need to e.g. record data from a fleet of prototype cars for late stage field testing, the OBD2-DB9 adapter provides a simple way to connect your CLX000. With direct access to the CAN bus, you can e.g. set up a CL3000 to request OBD2 data, record raw CAN bus data - and send it all via a USB 4G hotspot in the car.

Vehicle Reverse Engineering

Need to reverse engineer the CAN bus of your car?

If you want to truly understand your vehicle, you'll often need to reverse engineer the proprietary raw CAN bus data. Here, the OBD2-DB9 adapter offers an easy way to connect your CLX000 to your car. Once powered, you can connect the CLX000 to your PC via a standard mini USB to start streaming data in Wireshark. This way you're ready to hack your car in just a few minutes!

Check out our Tech Specs/FAQ above - or go back to the top to buy!

Adapter Cable Length 150 cm
Adapter DB9 Pins In accordance with CiA 303-1
Cable Thickness 22 AWG (0.50 mm2)
Connectors 9-pin D-sub (DB9) female to OBD2 16-pin
Temperature Operating temperature: -20degC to +80degC
Weight 140G
Color Black

Adapter Pinout

OBD2 Adapter Pinout Connector Cable

This differs from vehicle-to-vehicle: In some cars, the power supply will be turned off when you turn off the ignition (or a few seconds/minutes after). However, in other cars the logger will still be supplied with power even when the car is turned off for longer durations. In the vast majority of cases, this is not an issue in regards to power drain as the logger consumes extremely small amounts of power. However, if you're logging OBD2 data with the logger, it may keep "requesting" PIDs while the car is turned off, which may wake up the ECUs. In this case, there can be a small risk of battery drainage if the car is e.g. left like this for weeks.


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