DB9 to J1939 Connector Cable

DB9 (D-sub 9) to J1939 adapter cable (1.5m).

Connect the CLX000 series to J1939 interfaces - for use in e.g. trucks, buses and other commercial automotives.

Select cable as a CLX000 option for reduced price.

50 EUR

This adaptor cable lets you easily connect the CLX000 series to applications using the J1939 connector interface - e.g. trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles.

Simply connect the CLX000 unit to the J1939 Deutsch connector (9-pin) using the connector cable and you'll start logging data onto the 8+ GB SD card.

With our free CANvas software, you'll be able to easily convert the log files into scaled engineering values using e.g. your SAE J1939 *.DBC database. You can also use the DB9-to-J1939 adaptor cable and a mini USB cable to connect a CLX000 unit to your PC and stream real-time data. Here you can also load a *.DBC file to stream human-readable data live - incl. e.g. vehicle speed or RPM from your truck or other automotive application.

If you want to learn more about the basics of SAE J1939, head over to our GUIDES section for insights.

We provide solid quality cables that are tested to work with our simple, powerful & affordable series of CAN bus data loggers.

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SAE Standard Heavy-Duty Truck Connector (J1939 Deutsch Connector, 9-Pin)


j1939 pinout

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