WiFi J1939 Data Logger: Simple Telematics for Fleets


Are you looking to optimize your fleet of commercial vehicles

And do you find that the available telematics fleet solutions are far too expensive

We’ve got the solution for you: 

The CL3000 with WiFi is the ideal SAE J1939 logger for your trucks, tractors or other commercial vehicles.

This is a simple, powerful and affordable solution for remotely collecting and converting all your data - ready for application. 

However, let's be clear:

This is not a full blown telematics platform with big front-end user interfaces.

Instead, the CL3000 simply offers the data you need on a silver platter. Collected via WiFi or cellular, auto-converted and customized for your needs.  

This means you’ll need to separately identify or build a front-end solution. 

The upside to this solution is that you pay only for the logger itself:
No added fees, subscriptions or installation costs.

As a result, the CL3000 is ideal if you’re looking for a targeted telematics solution - without the bells and whistles.

Read on to learn the benefits of a strong telematics solution, the key features of the CL3000 and case examples of applications. 

The Benefits of a Strong Vehicle Fleet Telematics Solution 

Effective fleet management is a critical business enabler.

From reducing costs, carbon footprint or down-time - to ensuring safety on the road and compliance. 

Below we list some of the key benefits of a strong fleet telematics solution:



With a low-cost telematics data logger solution, you’ll be able to reap significant profitability gains and a very short payback period - your key benefits include:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by e.g. tracking & improving driver behaviour
  • Improve vehicle uptime via e.g. predictive maintenance
  • Limit fines, accident repairs & tear by e.g. monitoring & rewarding safe driving


By tracking driver behaviour via e.g. a WiFi truck logger - and incentivizing safe driving you’ll reduce risks, accidents & downtime - to the benefit of your drivers and productivity:

  • Improve safety levels via e.g. data-based driver KPI dashboards & incentives
  • Identify best practice by benchmarking drivers and rolling out coaching systems
  • Negotiate improved liability rates by improving your risk scorecards


By getting set up with a WiFi J1939 logger, you’ll be able to wirelessly & automatically collect the data required for your compliance needs - e.g. registering hours of service:

  • Collect driving logs remotely and store in the cloud (incl. GPS if built into vehicle)
  • Cut down on paperwork by easily managing your entire fleet data as one data set
  • Ensure frequent updates by e.g. pushing data logs every ½ hour to your FTP server

Why is the CL3000 a Great Telematics Solution?

Telematics obviously offers a lot of potential benefits. 

But building a system that lets all companies reap all benefits is impossible.

Or at least extremely expensive.

Instead, we offer you all the vehicle data you need from your fleet. 

We ensure it is easily prepared, ready for implementation into your custom solution. 

By doing so, we can offer you a completely different cost level vs. full-fledged telematics systems. Further, this often makes it far simpler for you to get started: 

Rather than having to adapt to a massive fleet management system, you’ll start step-by-step by building solutions for the most pressing issues first.

If the returns add up, you proceed to the next issue. 

Ok, so we’ve covered what we do not offer.

Now let’s tell you what we do offer: Below we’ve added three videos that give you the basics of the CLX000 series, our free software CANvas and the CL3000 - together they give you the key facts in ~10 min:

Why use the CL3000 for Telematics?

Let’s also break down the five reasons why the CL3000 is great for this purpose:

1 | Simple-to-Use: Getting set up with a CL3000 is easy! Connect it via USB to your PC and configure your WiFi settings in 2 minutes. Then just connect it to your vehicle - that’s it!

2 | Auto Collect Data via WiFi: The CL3000 can wirelessly push your J1939 data to your FTP server. When it's in range of a specified WiFi / WLAN / 4G Celluar hotspot all new log files will be transferred - automatically!

3 | Auto Convert Data: You can set up auto-conversion of your data in seconds. Don't worry about manually converting all the incoming raw data - an auto-conversion can e.g. take place every day at 20:00, preparing the output you need.

4 | Never Loose Your Data: Using a real-time interface to stream data on-the-go is a risk - an unstable celluar connection may lead to lost data. But with our WiFi J1939 logger, the 16 GB SD card lets you log tons of data - and simply upload it when possible.

5 | Low Cost: The CL3000 only costs 399 EUR per unit. With free software, shipping, support and 2-year warranty. There are no recurring fees. This makes it an extremely transparent and low cost telematics solution.

Still have questions on the functionality of the CL3000? 

Please contact us. We’d love to hear any questions or reflections - we aim to respond within 24 hours to any enquiries.

Examples of Applications

Below you’ll find two examples showing how the CL3000 can be used for WiFi / 4G fleet management purposes.

Example 1: Using KPIs to Reduce Fuel Costs & Accidents in a Truck Fleet

FTP J1939 Server Push

Trashers Inc is a medium-sized company collecting trash from a local municipal.

For a long period, the company has been challenged by rising fuel costs and repair expenses due to poor driving behaviour amongst the garbage truck drivers across 45 vehicles.

To solve this, Trashers Inc equip each of their trucks with a CL3000 to log all J1939 data during the daily runs onto the built-in SD card. Each WiFi truck data logger is set up to connect to the local garage router WLAN and FTP push the log files to an FTP server folder.

When the trucks arrive in the garage, this process automatically takes place and in total a few GBs of raw J1939 data is pushed to the folder. At 18:00 each day, all data is transferred to the folder and at 20:00, the CANvas scheduled auto-conversion runs, converting all the raw data into a single, downsampled human-readable output file of ~20 MB for all 45 trucks.

This file is a pivot-ready data set with summary statistics on all relevant data parameters, separable by loggerIDs (equal here to driver IDs) - easy to load into e.g. Excel.

In the morning, the head of the driver team copies this converted data into his basic Excel model, refreshes the pivot data reference and PDF-prints the latest KPI dashboards for his morning brief with the truck drivers.

With full flexibility, it doesn’t require much more from the team than some basic Excel skills to get to critical insights and establish data-based driver performance benchmarking. With this, Trashers Inc are able to improve both fuel efficiency and safety levels at a very low up-front investment and with no recurring fees.

Example 2: Rapid 4G Health Checks for Underground Mining Vehicles

J1939 Mining Truck Data Logger Celluar 4G Vehicle Fleet Management

Minerz Inc is a US mining company with a fleet of mining vehicles operating underground for hours and sometimes days.

Breakdowns are extremely costly, but so is maintenance and downtime. Taking out each vehicle on a regular basis for mechanical review is costly in both time and staff costs.

To get around this, Minerz Inc install CL3000 units in the fleet. With the large 16 GB SD card, all sensor and vehicle data is logged while the vehicles are underground.

Minerz Inc also installed low-cost USB-powered mobile WiFi routers with cellular 4G access via fixed rate sim cards. This resolves the challenge of not having a WLAN router available at the mining camp base.

Periodically, the vehicles re-surface for a short period. Once a vehicle is above ground, the wireless CL3000 immediately connects to the internet via 4G and starts pushing log data to a specified FTP server. With the rapid data transfer (up to ~9 MB/s), it’s possible to offload 1 GB of data in just a few minutes - and the vehicle can return underground.

With CANvas, the data is easily auto-converted and ready for analysis.

Specifically, the company analyses a variety of parameters related to vehicle health, assessing whether any vehicles exceed threshold limits - and if any vehicles deviate from the fleet pattern norms.

Over time, Miners Inc also begin to identify data patterns that act as strong predictors of vehicle breakdowns, allowing them to more efficiently schedule vehicle maintenance and proactive repairs.

With this 4G vehicle fleet management system, they manage to practically eliminate in-operation breakdowns and significantly reduce the time between maintenance and vehicle checkups, strongly improving profitability.

Closing Remarks

To summarize, the CL3000 is perfect if you’re looking for getting all the vehicle data you need to implement your own customized fleet management system.

If you’re interested, we suggest ordering a CL3000 to test it out or contact us - we’d love to hear from you!

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