Get Started

Getting started with your new CANLoggerX000 is easy! 
You can start logging data straight out-of-the-box - however, we suggest that you spend 15 minutes to go through the steps below.


Download CANvas, connect the CANLoggerX000 to your PC and configure the logger.
Note that configuration is optional - however, we recommend that you at least review the following settings:

  • Log File: Set output data number base (HEX or DEC) and value separator
  • Timestamp: Decide output format of timestamp
  • Adjust real time clock: If your device has a real time clock, make sure to set it to match the relevant time zone before logging

Once you are done, save the configuration file onto the logger and safely eject it via CANvas.

You are now ready to log data! When done, connect the logger to your PC to extract, convert & analyze the data.


At CSS, we have created a short to-the-point product manual that is greatly appreciated by many of our customers!
We encourage you to briefly review it so you know the basics of how to interpret and work with the CANLoggerX000.


We love talking with our customers and hearing more about how you use the CANLoggerX000.
If you have any questions, feedback or ideas please contact us!

We also recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of new products and features!

Enjoy your CANLoggerX000!

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