CANvas: Auto-Convert CAN Bus Data at Scale

Here's the challenge:

You need to log CAN bus data from a fleet of trucks or several production lines.

Or maybe you just need converted data from a single logger on a regular basis.

All you want is to get the consolidated, human-readable data - without the hassle.

First, this requires a simple way to retrieve data across e.g. 20+ CAN loggers.

That part is easy: With a CL3000, you can easily WiFi transfer CAN data.

For example, you can automatically "push" raw CAN data from each logger every ½ hour to a PC folder or cloud server - without manual involvement.

But then what?

Now you may have to manage a daily load of possibly 100-200 raw CAN data files!

Luckily, we've got just the thing for you in our free software CANvas:

In this article, we explain this cool feature incl. how to set it up and why it's awesome!

CAN bus WiFi Cloud Data

You can also check out our 3 min video above, showing the scheduled auto conversion in practice!

What is Auto Conversion - And How Do You Set It Up?

So what is Scheduled Auto Conversion?

This new feature lets CANvas “monitor” a folder on your PC or cloud / FTP server.

When triggered, CANvas loads all raw CAN log files in the folder and converts them into human-readable form - ready for analysis!

This is great if you e.g. have 10+ CL3000s logging data and you want to simplify the process to getting your end output.

It's also ideal if you e.g. need the final output on a steady basis for use in your KPI reports, predictive maintenance scripts etc. 

CAN Bus Auto Conversion Feature J1939 Fleet Management Telematics

Great! But how is the Auto Conversion set up

It's really simple! Just open CANvas and go to CONVERT DATA:

  1. Here, load your parameter conversion rules - e.g. a *.DBC file (cf. our guide to log file conversion)

  2. Go to 'Automatic File Conversion' and choose a log file input folder (e.g. FTP server directory) and output folder

  3. Finally, specify the condition for when to run the conversion (e.g. everyday at 20:00) - and click Monitor

This adds a Windows schedule task that runs CANvas at the specified timing.

If you want, you can find and further edit the task in the Schedule Task overview - with lots of customization options.

Why is Auto Conversion Cool? 

Auto conversion is cool for a number of reasons:

  • It takes just seconds to set up in CANvas - super simple
  • You leverage CANvas’ powerful features*.DBC support, merging & downsampling 
  • You skip the manual work - and just get the final plug & play output data sets
  • You don't have to remove old files (CANvas auto-skips past converted data)

Overall, this feature greatly enhances the convenience of the CL3000!

Application examples include:

  • Vehicle fleet telematics: Auto-produce the data for daily fleet KPI reports - e.g. in Excel format ready for use as basis in pivot tables
  • Predictive maintenance: Create human-readable output data sets e.g. every 30 min for analysis by machine learning / AI algorithm scripts or threshold models
  • Equipment health oversight: Auto-convert data from CL3000s in remote customer equipment e.g. hourly for use in health monitoring scripts
  • Commercial car log books: Use the easy OBD2 logger functionality to create automatized log books, auto-consolidated in one place

    … and much more!

With this new feature you can concentrate on how you want to use the converted data - i.e. the fun part!

Here at CSS we think this is a pretty cool feature, but as always we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for improvement!

Check out our GUIDES section for more feature articles.

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