CANvas: Re-Format CAN Data For PCAN-View & CANalyzer

Does this sound familiar?

You'd love to use the CLX000 for it's simplicity, features and low-cost.

There's just one problem:

You want to keep working in the software tools you already know and use!  

A lot of our users had this challenge - so we made a super simple solution:

With our free CANvas software, you can now load your raw CAN bus log files and "re-format" them for use in other tools.

As of today, we support the following formats:
  • Vector’s CANalyzer tool
  • PEAK’s tools (e.g. PCAN-View)
  • “Raw” log files (letting you simply manipulate the raw log files)

Still missing your favorite software?

Just let us know! We’re fast coders - so if you have a great idea for a format (including ideally file examples), contact us and we’ll look into it!

Below we explain in brief the steps to transforming your raw CAN log files.

Note that this method will work for all high speed CAN bus data logged with a CLX000 (incl. SAE J1939, CANopen etc.).

Vector CANalyzer PEAK PCAN-View Alternatives

For a lightning intro, check out our 35 sec video above!


To transform your data, just open CANvas and hit 'CONVERT DATA'.

CANvas Convert CAN Data

Next, go to “Load Log Files” and browse to find your CAN bus data log file(s).

CANvas Load raw CAN Bus Log Files

After this, go to “Manage Log Files” and choose the data format you want.

Note how you can choose between both Vector's CANalyzer (.asc) format and PEAK's PCAN-View format.

CANvas Select PCAN-View or Vector CANalyzer format

Finally, in the Output sub tab simply hit the green “Play” button - done!

Note that all transformation formats allow you to merge multiple log files.
This makes it easy to combine e.g. 10 raw log files into 1 file - ready for loading in e.g. PEAK's PCAN-View or Vector’s CANalyzer format. 

TRY IT YOURSELF: Download CANvas and this sample CL2000 log file (right-click and choose Save As).
See for yourself how easy it is!

We hope you’ll find this feature helpful in your work!

As always, feed any new feature ideas to our development team!

If you want to learn more about the CLX000, check out our overview - or our articles below from our GUIDES section!

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