About Us

We help deliver powerful insights, simply.

CSS Electronics is a developer of simple, powerful and low-cost CAN bus data loggers. We're based in Denmark and operate globally:

  • We supply 1,000+ companies across 50+ countries
  • Applications include telematics, development & diagnostics
  • Industries include automotive, heavy duty, motorsports & production
  • Users include OEM engineers, operators, site mangers & researchers
  • Production is done by experienced US partners - easily scaling to any volume

Why CSS Electronics?

Because we're truly passionate about creating great data acquisition experiences.

We believe that:

User Feedback

User feedback is vital

CAN Logging Simple

Data acquisition has to be simple

Low Cost CAN Bus Data Loggers

A great CAN logger shouldn't cost 1,000€+

Telematics Zero Subscriptions

Telematics can work without monthly fees

Quality Support

Fast quality support matters

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We always enjoy meeting end users, competitors or potential partners!
- if you're in Aarhus, let us know and we'll offer a cup of coffee!

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