CAN Analyzer Use Case: Lodz Solar Team



Tell us about you company
KGHM Lodz Solar Team is a group of students of Lodz University of Technology having one goal - start in international race-World Solar Challenge 2015. Preparation for the competition consist of building solar-powered car using electric energy comming from sun.

Your vehicle
The route of the race runs across the continent in very severe conditions and requires special preparation. As such, the car’s body is made of extremely strong carbon fiber combined with various spacers. This allows us to achieve a strong ratio between weight and strength. Further, the car is prepared for temperatures up to 60 Celsius degrees.

What do you use the CANLoggerX000 for?
We used the CANLogger1000 to collect all data from the car's CAN-bus during the race from Darwin to Adelaide (3000 km, about 5 days) – key parameters included:
- Battery management system of our 90 kg Li-Ion battery (state of charge, voltage, current, temperature, warnings)
- Two BLDC motor drivers (rpm, power, warnings, set points, mode, direction, …)
- 4x maximum power point trackers for solar panels (input/output voltage, currents, temperature etc.)
- Main computer (throttle/break pedal value, …)
- Charger (voltage, current, warnings, etc.)

The data was used after the race to improve our car’s performance for future races.

Why did you choose the CANLoggerX000?
We used the CANLogger1000 because it fulfills all our requirements: It is small, supports standard & extended CAN-bus frames and is capable of receiving high CAN-bus traffic.

Have you been satisfied with the product?
Yes – the only issue with the CANLogger1000 is the lack of a real time clock as frames aren't correlated with actual time.

Note: Since this use case was done, the CANLogger2000 has come out including a real-time clock

Click here for a PDF version of this use case!

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