CAN Analyzer Use Case: InMotion Race Team



Tell us about you company
InMotion is a student race team from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. We have the ultimate goal of participating in the most prestigious race in the world: the 24-hours of Le Mans. This in the experimental class ‘Garage 56’. In 2015 we introduced our first racecar on the road to Le Mans, the KP&T IM/e. This serves as a test platform for technologies which will evolve onto our future Le Mans racer, the IM01.

Your vehicle
The KP&T IM/e, the world’s fastest electric formula race car, contains technologies that are unique within Motorsports
Parts of the suspension are 3D printed titanium. All software is generated model-based, fully electric drive-line consisting of two Yasa-750 motors, weight of 658 kg, 545 HP and 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds

What do you use the CANLoggerX000 for?
We use the data logger in the KP&T IM/e for two main purposes: First of all as E/E debugging/monitoring tool. If the car shows any unexpected behavior during tests, we can check the data on the CAN bus to see the vehicle state and sensor values at that time. We can then use our Simulink models to simulate and reproduce the situation based on the logged data. This process can be used to get rid of unexpected conditions in the electronics or software, which only occur during driving tests. Second of all, we use the data of several sensors to investigate the dynamic behavior of the car in order to setup all the parts (e.g. suspension). In this way we can ensure an optimal car setup at the track.

Why did you choose the CANLoggerX000?
The simplicity and price were two important factors. Furthermore we specifically like the fact that this logger does not come with a "forced" software suite for setup and data analysis. We can use the raw data and feed it back to our Matlab/Simulink environment.

Have you been satisfied with the product?
Yes! We have been able to use the product exactly as we intended and without any cumbersome setup procedures we have been able to gather the relevant CAN data.

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