CANvas is our 100% free supporting software tool for the CANLoggerX000 series of CAN bus data loggers.

For a quick intro, check out our 2 minute video above!

CANvas provides a full suite of powerful features - below you can learn more about configuration, live streaming and conversion.

For further deep-dive articles on key features, check out our GUIDES section!


The CANLoggerX000 is plug-and-play so you can log data out of the box. However, it is also highly configurable - and CANvas is a great tool for doing so!


  • Logger ID, data separator, file split limit (e.g. new log every 100 MB)
  • Bit rate incl. optional auto-detection and Silent/'Listen Only' mode
  • Customizable RTC and date/timestamp format (CANLogger2000/3000)
  • Cyclic Logging: Delete oldest files when SD card is full
  • Heartbeat Signal: Receive status message every second from the logger
  • Control Signal: Optionally use custom trigger CAN ID to turn logging on/off
  • Transmit: Add custom CAN messages to be sent periodically (e.g. for OBD2)
  • Filtering: Specify message filters & down-sampling to focus your logging
  • NEW: For the CANLogger3000, you can also easily configure the WiFi settings


As a new feature, the CANLoggerX000 is no longer “just” a data logger. It now also serves as a fully functional CAN interface - which means you can live stream CAN bus data directly on your PC. With CANvas, it takes just 2 clicks to start streaming! 

We decided early on not build a custom GUI from scratch for the live stream. Instead, we power it via the World’s most popular network analyzer, Wireshark. But it doesn’t end there: We also designed a free, open source & powerful plugin for Wireshark to infuse a number of critical CAN bus features.


  • Advanced and highly customizable message/data filtering
  • Plugin DBC support to stream human-readable data (aka engineering values)
  • Plugin OBD2 dissector, allowing you to convert all standard parameters
  • Plugin ‘Live View’ (trace), showing a fixed view of unique CAN IDs and highlighting all changes to data bytes - powerful for CAN sniffing/hacking
  • Intuitive real-time graphical plots of converted data (e.g. OBD2, J1939, …)
  • Easily export to multiple formats incl. *.csv, *.c, *.txt and more
  • Load a CANLoggerX000 log file to leverage the Wireshark & Plugin features
  • Connect to the logger while data logging and leverage all the above

 … and much more!

If you’re interested, check out our GUIDES page for several articles on the Live Stream features - incl. OBD2 dissector, DBC conversion, CAN Live IDs and more.


Finally, CANvas supports easy conversion of your CANLoggerX000 log files!

Simply load a DBC file, browse to your log files and convert the data to scaled engineering values. The output format is *.csv, ready for import into e.g. Excel or other 3rd party software.


  • Easily load DBC files for use in conversion (e.g. SAE J1939)
  • Built-in support for FMS conversion rules (buses, trucks)
  • Load batches of log files & link together based on session IDs
  • Add custom conversion rules incl. name, start bit, length, scale, offset etc.
  • Optionally down-sample the logged data to e.g. 5 minute interval output
  • Add custom columns to the output file
  • Customize output timestamp to e.g. be interpreted as date & time in Excel
  • NEW: Merge multiple log files together into one output file 
  • NEW: Convert raw log files into Vector CANalyzer or PEAK formats
  • NEW: Add summary statistics to down sampled data (standard dev, min, max)

Together, these tools & features make the CANLoggerX000 incredibly versatile - and a fantastic value-for-money logger. CANvas is 100% free and we’ll keep it that way. Despite this, we constantly upgrade and improve the software - and we would love your ideas! Please spend 2 minutes on the below feature survey. Your opinion is the #1 driver of our roadmap prioritization!

To learn more about the CANLoggerX000, check out our range of affordable CAN loggers!

Our CANvas feature roadmap survey - your input is appreciated!

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