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The CANLoggerX000 series in <1 minute:

The CANLoggerX000 is fit to solve your data needs across any CAN bus based application

CAN Bus Data Logger Affordable
"These seem to be about the
ONLY affordable CAN loggers on the market"

- Chad C, PG Engineered Control Solutions
CAN Bus Data Logger Macquarie University
"The CANLogger2000 is exceptional! It works exactly as designed and customer service is outstanding. I would definitely recommend it"

- Johann M, Macquarie University
CAN Bus Data Logger HydraMaster
"Setup was very easy and the SD card let us collect months of field data without taking equipment out of service. Great support and solid products"

- Eric J, HydraMaster
CAN Bus Data Logger Western Integrated Technologies Inc
“We were pleasantly surprised how easy the setup was - I must commend the CSS team, they did a heck of a job making the product a pleasant out of the box experience!

- Jeff F, Western Integrated Technologies, Inc.
CAN Bus Data Logger Zero Motorcycles
"I love the little CANLogger1000 we are using!
Very simple and cost effective CAN logging system"

- Bryan C, Zero Motorcycles, Inc.
CAN Bus Data Logger Zero Motorcycles
"What impressed me most was the responsive and helpful support of CSS:
They really listen to their customers, suggestions for improvements were heard!"

- Harald H, B-sab GmbH
CAN Bus Data Logger TomCar
"The CANLogger2000 is very easy to program and work with, reliable and affordable. We can remotely analyze, develop & troubleshoot customer vehicles – and we're very pleased!"

- Jonathan B, Tomcar Israel Ltd.

CANLOGGERX000 - A Simpler Solution

The CANLoggerX000 series consists of powerful, configurable & simple-to-use CAN-bus data loggers. Simply configure & connect the device to start logging data to the SD card.

  • Quickly configure the logger using our free CANvasTM tool
  • Use powerful options incl. ID filters, down-sampling & auto bit-rate detection
  • Log CAN data across any protocol, incl. e.g. J1939 and CANopen
  • Power directly via the CAN-bus connector for stand-alone operation (no PC required)
  • Easily inspect status of the logger via 3 visible LEDs
  • Display real-time CAN-bus traffic on a PC via the USB-connection
  • Store messages in a simple format (*.csv) for flexible post processing
  • Reliably store long duration data with support for up to 32GB memory
  • Easily convert & re-sample the data using our optional CANvasTM tool
  • Add date & time to each data point via the real-time clock (CANLogger2000)
  • Benefit from free firmware updates & support
  • Made in Denmark, ensuring you a top quality product
  • Free tracked international shipping
For further details, check out our Product Manual.

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